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How many hits till your good

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 23, 2002.


how many hits do u need to get high?

  1. 1-3 hits, isn't that great?

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  2. 4-8 yep, im better cuz i last longer sober

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  3. 9-15 See, im expierianced, i need highers

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  4. Im too macho to get high from anything less then 20

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  1. k, im jus makin a new poll besides favorite stoner movie and munchie. Seriously, how many hits do u's need to get high? Im talking off of the highs, hydro, dank, etc.
  2. depends upon the instrument i'm using to smoke out of
  3. Yeah, it really depends on the instrument. If its out of a bong it'll take about 3 monster hits and i'll be high
  4. shit ill smoke until the weed is gone.. weather it be some dank or the poopy swoo.. dont get me wrong i can smoke a hitter of some super dank and be stoned as a mother fucker but ill keep smoking
  5. i think it really depends on two things, the potency of your weed and the instrument. In general I use a pipe and pretty dank shit and it takes me about a bowl's worth (6-8) hits to get nice and toasty. but what the hell, vote hehe eh...

    peace and finish that bowl
  6. well i did state that I ment the high sh't. as for method, theres really lil difference, maybe one to two tokes between different methods.
  7. I said the 9 . Its right around 8 or 9, I couldn't choose. I feel something after one hit but unless im by myself I never smoke less than 2 bowls with my homies. So I need 9 to get baked, high, stoned, blazed.
  8. hehe, i cant read, but yeah when its dank I can normally take 5-6 hits, did I say that? I dont know, I only smoke on weekends so my tolerance isn't very high... A good thing in my opinion, get fucked up better faster ;)

    peace and happy tokes
  9. i voted 4-8... 4 good rips off a bong and i'm pretty toasted... it'll take about 6-7 off a pipe to the head.... lol. i miss getting trashed after 2 or 3 hits from a pipe :)
  10. im good EVERY time :D
  11. i cant really say there is a definite number of hits that will get you stoned, but i say with decent potency reefer id say a half a gram will get me feelin good
  12. One bong rip is all I need......Doesnt mean I stop packin bowls :)
  13. When i smoke dank and takes me bout 5-6 hits of a bowl and 2-3 hits off of a bong
  14. It def depends what your usin, but if im smoking with 2 or 3 ppl with a pipe, I need at least 2 bowls. If I'm smoking a bong with only one person, then one bowl gets me going.

    Either way, it takes a little causeI smoke too much. But I'll still keep packing no matter what!
  15. never less than 20 hits, doesnt matter about the method of smoking. when we smoke, we smoke. and we get HIGH.
  16. i voted 1-3 but don't get me wrong I can smoke with the best of 'em.I have never reached my limit where I passed on a hit.the most bowls I remember smoking was 27 consecutive bowls.

    What do you mean by high though? Do you mean F ed up or feeling it?
  17. its def. what you are using. for me my bong is named cool cat. and everytime were like we're going to kick cool cats ass but the 3 1/2 foot bong always pevails in the end.

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  18. Never good, must keep smokin
  19. ya guys, im with bstick on this one
  20. It all depends how ur smoking. W/ bong hits, 4 and I'm nicely toasted. With a blunt, my personal favorite-about 6-7 does me good. Aything esle takes a bit, but ya know, as log as i get that euphoric felling, who cares?!!!!

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