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how many hits on a one hitter gets you high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrbongy, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. how many hits on a one hitter gets you high?
    after how many hits can you feel it?
    im wondering of getting a one hitter/making one. for my room. im 19 years old (still living with parents, thinking of moving out soon)
    how many hits does it take you to get high/ feel the effects?
  2. Completely depends on your tolerance and the dankness of the bud
  3. I could take a hit of one tendril and feel better.

  4. how many hits on a one hitter gets "you" high :smoke: haha.
  5. For me I can feel one but not that much, 3-4 is a nice high, 5-7 is stoned.
  6. Well since you are relatively inexperienced, a one-hitter would yield a few hits if not more for you. You obviously would be taking smaller hits. And, depending on how much you smoke, one bowl of the one hitter should be good. Two bowls max.

    Back when i started id get a little bit of dank in my pinch hitter and get zooted. :smoke:

  7. thanks :) i've been smoking for about 6 months but only about 4 each month. so yeh im relatively inexperience :p
  8. I can feel it with one , usually feel nice at 6, 10 would get me pretty baked

  9. Agreed, i have some skunk ak47 right now, so it only takes me one, and im done! :hello:
  10. Usually 2. But My one hitter is a gravity bong with a one hitter bowl. Packs like .1-.3. When I haven't smoked for a few days 1 fat rip will get me blazed. Any other time after that (same day) I need around 2-3 to get that strong high going again.
  11. 2 hits per session to get done, 1 if i got somthing to do, and 3+ on those special occasions when i wanna float on.
  12. Id say a bowl or two from a one hitter will get you pretty high. 3-5 if your trying to get blazed.

    Oh and Don't move out. Are you going to college?
  13. usually im a purely bong smoker, so i have a pretty high tolerance. but im currently home helping my mom move....sooo i only have a one hitter right now...which kinda sucks.

    but for me, even with a high tolerance, i never really take more than like 3 or 4
  14. Really depends on the bud and how long you hold it in and how much you pack.. my one hitter can get me high off.. 1 hit. Also depends on your tolerance levels ect..
  15. 4 bowls and I'm good.
  16. ^This, if I'm smoking some dank nugs, and I haven't smoked in a while it only takes 1 hit to feel the effects from my one quitter.
  17. Just smoked ten one-hitters of mids and I'm straight fuckin stoooned

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