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How many grams have you smoked thus far?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kronikkk, May 9, 2011.

  1. I was just thinking about this while I pondering a bunch of random other shit and thought it'd be cool to make a thread about it, because it's something I don't think the average toker really thinks about. Just how many grams have you smoked??

    Me, considering I haven't been at it very long and the degree to which I toke, I'd have to say a measly 100g. I've been toking about 2 years, always relatively moderate. A bowl a night keeps the next day bright (yea i came up with that, some biggie smalls shit i know) :smoke:

    But what about you guys? Just a rough estimate of course, how much have you smoked to date?
  2. i really couldnt even give you a ballpark number...5 years of moderate to heavy use.. i cant even say for sure how many digits would be in that number...but a lot
  3. If i guess I would say 1000 grams or so. I have only been smoking for 4.5 years or so. Some of the old heads on here probably are around 10000 plus. lol
  4. 100 grams a year. Hmm ive been smoking a year now and ive accumalated more than that. But how would you calculate it? Like whn i ever i smoke ins always with someone else so technically i i wouldnt smoke all of the gram. I would be smoking half a gram. Soo i guess technally i prob smoked a 100 grams but not thechnically alot more.
  5. At least a couple pounds.
  6. Ive counted every G ive ever burned..... 1756.....

  7. For a long time (20 years) daily smoker, that's only around 3 joints a day...
  8. ive been smoking for a year and i guess looking at the thread i smoke alot id have to say easily 150-200 g's maybe more
  9. Around 150... That's a disappointing number :/
  10. Been smoking on & off for 4yrs...nothing crazy only about 2-3pds
  11. 1.5 yrs of smoking. First half yr was weekends only. The other year has been daily.

    Probably like 400g +/-
  12. 10 years or so.. who knows..
  13. couple hundred grams. i've had plenty seshs where two grams go by by with me smoking alone
  14. My bodyweight and then some...8 years of hardcore marijuana abuse will do that.

  15. You must be one organized mo fo.
  16. Throughout the past 3-4 months ive bought atleast a dub every week so thats about 20 dubs or 70grams. Idk how many over my whole career.
  17. Honestly,
    I don't consider myself an apprentice toker,
    so this would be weighed in pounds.
    Probably 3-4 thus far.
  18. Shit some of you guys are in the thousands that's pretty f*ckin chill.

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