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How many grams are in a...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drugsarebad503, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Ok so friday i will be buying a half ounce of purple haze from a dealer i've known for a while(this is the most i have ever bought) and i have no idea how many grams are in a half ounce.... i live in oregon by the way if thats madders.... by the way thats my question how much grams should i get for a half im paying 120
  2. Purple haze doesn't exist
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    14 grams

    1/8th = 3.5 grams

    1/4th = 7 grams

    1/2th = 14 grams

    1 ounce=28 grams

    quarter pound = 4 ounces

    half pound = 8 ounces

    1 pound = 16 ounces

    1 ton = 2000 pounds :smoking::smoking:

    weight doesn't uhh vary between states....
  4. how doesnt it?
  5. Oregon doesn't exist.:cool:
  6. 14... heard it was 21 in oregon though.

  7. It's a good thing you said you're in Oregon or I would have told you the wrong thing. The mass of an ounce varies by state.

    No dumbass

    Let me google that for you
  8. If this is true get me a Purple Kush male and an original Haze female.... STAT.

    EDIT: Wait so if I'm reading this correctly there's 42 grams in an ounce in Oregon? Bastards.
  9. ill take 14 if i get more well thats sweet he usually hooks up fat (his nick name "fatters")
  10. Your post count! Make a wish :cool:
  11. 14, nice avatar
  12. haha i should of been a lawyer cause im such a good liar!
  13. yep yep yep yep
  14. Sixteen ounces to a pound, twenty more to a ki
  15. Triple post.

  16. 1 ton is a million grams! Imagine how many blunts you could roll with a million grams.... I could roll like 2 million cuz my L's are .5

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