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How many grams are here?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by aurorass, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. My friend gave me weed so I have no clue how many grams are here, but I feel like it's less then 2. I don't have money for scale, I will buy it eventually. Help me

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  2. Unless it's wet that's not 2 grams

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  3. Definitely not 2 grams. When it comes time for a scale, you can get a good scale from Amazon for about $8. Get one that measures to hundredths of a gram and you'll never need another. Basically, you're looking for a scale that says 0.01g on it. Can give recommendations if needed, but they're easy.
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  4. Doesn't really look like 2gs more 1.4-1.7gs tbh .

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  5. Definitely not 2 grams, do yourself a favor and BUY A SCALE
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  6. A g or a bit more definitely not two
  7. honestly that could be as small as .4-.5 and most of it is the stem. i would not buy from him again

  8. Doesn't even look like a gram bro but if it was free who cares :smoking:
  9. it looks like a little over one gram to me
  10. It will be 0 after it goes smoked. So smoke it...

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