How many girls will admit it?

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  1. I almost had one once, didn't end up happening though. I was so drunk that I passed out right before it was going to happen. I'm pretty glad I passed out, it's not like I would have remembered it or really even enjoyed it and the guy meant absolutely nothing to me. Luckily we spent some time making out, and then he got a blow job...I'm glad we didn't go right for it, I remember insisting on it though, he kept asking me if I wanted to or not.

    After that night I've been careful not to drink that much if I'm smoking. Not only was that not an enjoyable experience for me, but I spent the rest of the night throwing up. Now I'd rather smoke, maybe drink a little bit. I've never made any mistakes while smoking.
  2. nothing wrong with a enjoying a good ass night but in moderation of course.
  3. who was it with, Fez?
  4. i had something similar to a one night stand a month or so ago.
    i was at a party and i see this cute chick so we start drinking a bit and eventually we ended up in the bathroom making out (yes, sketch), but i was so drunk and she was so bad at giving head...teeth...that i couldnt come. eventually we went up stairs and she finished the job (thank god), and about 10 seconds after she throws up all over the place, luckily i wasnt thrown up on. what happened next? i pulled up my pants, ran out the door and peaced the fuck out

  5. lol owned!! she coulda gone all super bad on your ass haha

    but yea... my one nighters either involved alcohol/weed, or girls that were shitty people so i never talked to them again... or one girl who never called me. lol i think she was ashamed of the one nighter lol

  6. i never had this girls number, so no need for awkward calls...i did see her at a restaurant once, weird
  7. One night stands WROK! Drunkass, knee-walking sex, not so much.

    The thing about one-nighters is that you both must have the same understanding. Guy or girl you must make sure it isn't a trap by a sneaky admirer looking to guilt you into a relationship. That has happened more than once to me. I'm thinking, 'cool I just met this hottie and she seems ready to jet back to my place already'----but low and behold she knows me, she has a plan, and I'm falling right into it.

    There are some seriously fucked up people out there, and orgasms only heighten their psychosis. I can't speak for men's reactions, but women, when feeling rejected the morning after will do some seriously evil shit.

    All that being said, a one night stand when both people are looking for nothing more than a really good lay is unmatched. It is the only sexual experience where you can fuck like crazy, but once the sun comes up it is over, even the 'see ya later good-bye' kiss feels awkward--it's like kissing your sister or something.
  8. last night was my first time having sex after a second date. it definitely felt like a sister goodbye kiss. shitty thing was as i left i said "thanks" thinking "thank you for having me over" when really it probably sounded as "thanks for the sex"
  9. lmao :D
  10. Hmm, and I always thought one night stands were just a gay thing...

  11. i've had far too many for my own good.

    to the effect that if i made a list of everyone i'd sleep with, it would feature "asshole craigslist guy", "creep from myspace", "guy i met at a bar in nyc and went to his hotel room with"

    etc.. etc..
  12. I remember this story.


  13. God bless you! :p

  14. This lol that is disgusting.
  15. "guy you met on grasscity,,,,":wave:
  16. Personally I really disagree with one night stands and I believe that the only person you should have sex with is the person that you love. I realize that not everyone shares my opinion and I don't judge people who believe differently.
  17. I've never thought of sex as being that big of a deal.
  18. ^^
    I could kinda care less I guess.

    I've had my one night what?
    It doesn't matter, one night stands, relationships.

    You're gonna do it until your satisfied...
  19. I had a one night sit but I dunno 'bout the stand.
  20. Your sex life is one of the more private aspects of your life and you can do with it what you want. Just because you're (I'm speaking generally) a prude doesn't mean you can judge my sex life.
    I've had one night stands before, I mean I'm going to be a senior in college and I love to go out and drink. I don't have an outrageously high number, it's actually pretty low compared to most of my friends/people I've talked to.
    I don't see myself as being a whore, because I'm not. I had my fun in the past, and I've definitely mellowed out a lot since I first started college. I haven't even had sex since february. Not because I can't get any, because I know I can, but because I got out of a pretty serious relationship and I'm not interested in casual one-night stands anymore. I'll probably snap out of it soon.

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