How many girls will admit it?

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  1. To A one night stand? Come on fess up, its a natural thing lol.
  2. what is there to admit?
  3. I've never had a one night stand.....
  4. i have...a few...want one gimmie? lol:p
  5. wondering the same??
  6. hell yes. You gonna come out to StL for me?????
  7. Single girls who go out to bars want to get fucked just as bad as their male counterparts... The only difference is that they usually don't end up going home unsuccessful.
  8. holy dear god
  9. i had quite a few in my past i must admit
  10. fuck double standards. if i feel like having me a one night stand. so be it. if i want a good dick then why should i feel ashamed about it the next day? i've had a couple and they were definitely worth it. it's not messy. not feelings or emotions to worry about. and i can just bounce right on out after im done. they're convenient.
  11. i had one, just one. i can't excuse it with "oh, i was just so drunk" i wasn't. i regret it though, this guy was very... ungifted, in more ways than one.

    jesus, what was i thinking? you could barely speak english and you weren't even cute!
  12. Never had a one night stand. Never will.
  13. can't necessarily say that if you drink and party with guys .. if you get very smashed one night .. never know what could happen.
  14. ive had one night stands (not many) cause i really needed sex and im really picky in relationships so sometimes ive been alone for a long time..of course they werent total random guys but guys i knew. i think booty calls is a more appropriate word but you could call them on night stands cause it was a one time thing. i dont regret any but not all of them were nice and enjoyable. and when they werent i would just stop it and walk out.
    but still having sex with a person you care about and knows what you like and cares about you cant compare with random fucks.

    ps...its nothing bad to admit btw....
  15. lol that does suck. if you're gonna one-night stand with someone at least they could be the best you've ever had or something haha. guess there's not as much passion and it kinda messes up how amazing it can be.

    i've had my share. not always on purpose either. one girl i found out was addicted to coke afterwards. not cool, luckily she was clean. i was drunk a couple times and they never called me haha. i probably sucked those times. one was my old boss. she had like 10 years on me and while it was hott i decided never again lol... and the last one decided she hated me after multiple orgasms... that must really suck to experience or something -_-

    p.s. lol this is directed at girls. oh well, i felt like sharing anyways haha

    p.s.s. i think the OP is looking for stories, rather than just "who actually had one blah blah". makes more sense that way :)

  16. Indeed.
  17. LoL, ive had a few, most involved alcohol, lots of it.
  18. i had one without intercourse

    just a lot of bj's

    not proud of it at all because i wasn't.. attracted to the girl

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