How many gallons per plant?

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  1. I'm in central California and wanted to know if I was under watering or over watering. It stays above 95 for the most part and I'm getting sun from sunrise to sundown. I'm watering 5 gallons per plant. There about 5 ft tall and 4ft across. Is that too much water? Not enough?
  2. in ground or in pots? im gonna guess in ground??
  3. i trust the knuckle deep test... dip a finger in the soil, it's it's dry by the 2nd knuckle down, water it... then wait until it soaks in, repeat until you know how much water it needs...

    for reference i'm watering about a gallon per plant everyday right now, but i'm potted, and it's HOT here, 110 everyday
  4. Transplant to a larger pot for more of a yeild
  5. That sounds just about right. I usually water my girls 4 gallons when I feed, then on the non-feeding waterings I get out the hose and give them a good soaking. If they are in ground or in vary large containers, they may need more, but I'm guessing you know how I read your plants well enough to have grown them to such a hefty size already. Good luck with the rest of the grow. :)

  6. Don't do this, too late in the season. Either way I believe his are in ground. 5 gallons every day or every other day?
  7. Thanks for all the info. They are in the ground and watering is everyday.

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