How many DXM threads are in the City?

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. It's like guessing the amount of marbles in a jar. How many DXM threads are in the City?

    If you guess correctly you win the ultimate prize of having the title of whatever it is that you want to call yourself for guessing how many DXM threads are floating around the City.

    Seriously, there's a lot of DXM threads. The City has to have more info on that stuff than any other website out there!!!! :p

  2. I searched as far back as it would let through the search functions, the number seems a bit low if it's from the begining though.
  3. l did the same search :D.120.seems low ??

  4. Well, if ya take into account how long the City's been online. But then again, most of those threads date back to just a few months ago....
  5. I say 200

  6. lmfao!
  7. rotflmao :D stoners.
  8. 120 does sound a little low.. I'd guess the search button must be broke for most of the memebers..

    Stoners- gotta luv em'!!
  9. haha true dat
  10. Well, If I put down my guess, how will I know that someone will for sure, count every single DXM thread? I wouldn't give up my current title for anything less than simply being referred to as GOD from now on. Thank you.

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