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How Many Days Will I Need To Pass A Dt

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I know there's a thread on this every hour or so, but a simple question--how many days will I need?
    I'm 140lbs about 5'10" maybe more towards 5'11".  I've just started smoking (I think the day was May 13th the first time I got high) and I've smoked 6 or 7 times since.  I run and work out a lot (I don't sweat a lot when I lift weights, but I do when I run, dunno if that matters) and I've been drinking a shitload and pissing like a Russian racehorse.  Lots of water and gatorade. Well my dad told me he got a summer job for me at his company (won't say what it is for privacy) and I don't know if he'll drug test me or not.  It's not like I have been caught or have prior drug history.  In fact I don't go out anywhere, and I only hang out with my girlfriend so he doesn't suspect a thing of me. I will be starting work after I come back from a vacation. I haven't smoked since two days ago, the 29th.  Should I drop it all just in case and keep drinking and exercising? I have about 18 or so days til a potential test, so should I be good?

  2. was gonna give you my advice but then i realized the only DT i've ever taken was a mouth swab. (sorry im high right now :bongin:) but if you search it someone might have a similar story as yours that can help you out. 
  3. Hmm maybe, how old are you?
  4. Well does your dad own it?
    My dad own dish network and he lets me work without dt. I do installations it involves me using drills and climbing very high ladders.
    So if your dad owns it most likely no, but if he doesn't then it's up to the company to dt you or not. If this job involves dangerous things then most likely will have to dt you.
  5. My dad owns it, but I've informed my brother who has worked for my dad and he was DT'd, but he said they were suspicious so maybe my dad was like, "Hey, two birds with one stone!"
  6. wow, if my dad dt'd me I would be offended it basically means he doesn't trust you if he does dt you. Just stay clean about a week before and keep on exercising and peeing.
  7. So keep smoking? Because, hell, I'd love to! But IDK. The reason he DT'd my brother is because he was tipped off by some suspicious that I mean he found one of his friend's weed while he was over at our house.  I have a two week vacation coming up so that will serve as some time off the bud.
  8. if you want to but about 9 or 6 days before get clean. Also make sure it was a urine test if its a hair follicle one then you're screwed. So yea if I were you I would keep smoking you seem to have a good bmi(body mass index). But if you were 5 11 and weighed like 200+ then I would stop now.
  9. It's not hair follicle test I know that much. I'll ask my brother what he thinks and go from there. If I do stop smoking, I'll call it a t-break ;)
  10. My dad owns a roofing company and i work for him. When he comes to check out the roofs he calls me stoney. Needless to say i e never been drugtested lol. The only way i would is if i got hurt on the job and bad to go to the hospital in which case i wouldnt tell them i was working so there wouldnt be a drugtest and i wouldnt have to deal with all that bullshit so im just careful and wear my safety shit. If you got 18 days your good though especially since your already working at getting clean. Ive had multiple friends on probation when i was younger who would smoke a week or sooner before there test and pass, i even had one friend who smoked the day before and passed.
  11. Blaze tonight? Yay or nay?
  12. Fuck ya you should blaze, don't be a pussy. Lmao
  13. Alright, you win. I'm so high lmao
  14. Idk if it's legal to revive a thread like this by double posting, but I smoked last night. I said goodbye to Mary Jane. I've been drinking a shitload of water already. I've got until around the 19th til I could be potentially tested, should I be clean? As I already mentioned, I've smoked maybe 8 times in the past month or so...
  15. 18 days is more than enough, even if you weren't drinking extra water. The normal body only needs 10-14 days, but don't push it. Make sure you drink a bunch of extra water just to be on the safe side.
  16. Thanks. Is it bad to drink creatine shakes during this time of dilution?
  17. Thanks. Is it bad to drink creatine shakes during this time of dilution?
    Naw, you will be fine with stuff like that just make sure you keep your water intake up.

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