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how many buds in a nic sack

Discussion in 'General' started by 420marley420, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. i just wanted to know how many buds are in a nic sack is it 3.5
  2. wtf you cant measure like that? Bud's can be all differnt sizes....

    I've bought a dub that was 1 bud
  3. 2, 3, 10, some where around there
  4. i just got my nic and it has 3 nickel size buds
  5. There could be any number of buds if by buds, you mean nugs. There may be no nugs at all
  6. there all compressed buds i just need to know if it sounds right
  7. a nickel bag? really?

    dealers in my area would laugh at me if I told them I wanted a nic
  8. in some places nick bags are 50$ worth. thats what they called em in maine anyway.
    if thats the case, it should be some good bud for an 8th (3.5 g) for 50$.

    the "nick" i copped in maine was a half oz. of some decent mids.

    weed is measured in weight, like another poster said.
    i like how you act like you know what youre talking about, and are way off anyway...
  9. oh damn, learning something new every day. here nick sacks only refer to $5 worth of weed.

  10. HAHAHA double fail.

    the guy wasn't saying you don't measure it by weight. read it again. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously, that's a really funny double fail.
  11. I'm gonna go off on a rant here.

    I hate when people go to dealers and say "I want a dime" or use something other than weight. In my area asking for a dime could mean one of two things - asking for $10 worth of weed, or asking for a bit over a gram (as in 1/3 of an 1/8) - which if you don't realize what you're asking for can mean that you're dealer gets to choose how much to give you because you said, "I want to pay $10".

    Ask for what you want in grams or ounces and ask your dealer how much it would be. If you know how much your dealer would charge you for an 1/8 of a certain type of weed its one math operation to approximate how much you are going to pay for any amount lower or higher than that.
  12. that's not a rant, that's common sense. it should be anyways...
  13. I had to come back and laugh at this thread AHAHAHAHA, Fucking a nickel bag? REALLY? AHAHAHA. You cant get less than a dub around here. and you're ignorance is so funny...... you're obviously like the biggest noob in the world LOL. Sorry pce
  14. Oh ya but I forgot to mention, You coulda got ripped off, or you coulda got hooked up. If you say you got 3 bud's then here's what i'll tell you. I got ONE big ass bud once, some fine OC kush or someshit ( orange ALL over this thing ) anyway... and I got HOOKED up for a dub, got it? now you seem pretty new so that's a $20 Ahaha, aight. Now ive also got like 8 bud's ( compressed ) for a dub, and that was alittle but of a rip off. So you're starting to get it. That's all I can tell ya.
  15. to all on GC that wasnt me it was my dumbass cousin who never even heard of gc till i said something about it...he got on my computer while i went to the store, he bought a nick and he feels like he got ripped off..sorry for the waste of ya time...he told me how much is it etc etc...i told him i dont care weed and money comes and goes
  16. Haha I would love to be your dealer man, I'd be rippin you off all day selling to you by the number of buds instead of weight.

    A nickel implies a 5 dollar bag of weed, it could be any weight, it depends on the type of weed, it could be 2 grams of schwag, it could be .2 grams of super dank. nickel just means a 5$ sack, dime is a 10$ sack, and dub is a 20$ sack.

  17. whatre you talking about, thats exactly what he said...
    OP asked if it should be around 3.5 g, and Relentless said "wtf, you dont measure weed like that" and then went on about how many buds are in the bag.

    i think youre really booted kid.
  18. Thats what it is everywhere to the OP...
    its nick dime 15 20 half oz (which here is a 30 sack) , oz , qp (120) , hp (210), lb(375)
  19. oh god triple fail >.<

    will it ever end?
  20. Uh, your still wrong buddy. When did he EVER say 3.5g? he said 3.5, as in 3.5 nugs. Your just wrong. The OP speaks nothing of weight, so your arguing against your own side.

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