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how many bowls do you norm. smoke???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by malu scooter, Jul 5, 2003.


how many bowls do you smoke?

  1. one or two hits

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  2. uno

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  3. 2-3

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  4. 4-5

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  5. 6-7

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  1. this question is talking about not just your tokes to get through the day, but your smokage to get you really screwed up. so let me know. i am curious how different tolerances are. also, post how many bowls in one day you have smoked max... thanks
  2. i really don't have too much of a idea but i usually like having a big smoke but when money is down i would take less hits, it relally comes down to who i'mwith on the day and how much money i got on me.
  3. depends on the bowl size.. depends on the weed... depends how stoned i wanna get.

    usual... two FULL lungfulls ... thats just a guess... there is no real "norm"
  4. For me, two bowls a night. Maybe three if it's schwag.
    Or alternately, a bowl and two bats. Maybe a bowl and three

    Depends on how high I want to be, and how high the shit I'm
    smoking is getting me.
  5. One day? Six bowls between a few friends.
  6. To get really stoned I used to go through an oz. a night. And that was just mine. Never mind what my friends had.That was long long ago.
  7. well i toke a lot and i honsetly cant tell you how much i smoke i tend to lose track after like the 5th or the 6th bowl and we usually throw some joints inbetween or maybe a blunt or two here and there i can get fucked up off one bowl but i will keep on goin i can gaurentee i will always be the last one standing in the end
  8. When it comes to smoking bowls you usually aren't counting, or you cant even focking remember. Especially when hitting from a b0ng.

  9. 16th of an ounce..wouldnt that only be a couple grams??? maybe i'm wrong lol, forgive a stoner.
    ounce ~ 28 grams
    half ~ 14 grams
    quarter ~ 7 grams
    eigth ~ 3.5
  10. intersting i thout that some of you guys smoked alot more but i guess you guys have diffent style. when i was 15-16 i would barely smoke 2 bowls, cause i wanted to save it. Now that i got money i do alot more, at least 4 or 5 good bowls. Whatever now that im gonna start growing for my self i will save some money.

    oh and pot head pete, an oz a night?!
    whrer i live that would be like $1750 dollers a week.
    oh but i geuss taht you grow your own all the time well nevermind. keep tokin
  11. woops

    lol, forgot to reply. for a good high off the mids i usually get i'll smoke 2 bowls alone, but with friends i usually keep smoking till no one can pack a bowl anymore, same with joints, smoke till you cant roll another one. seems to do the trick :D
  12. i don't really smoke bongs to get high anymore - i find that i get mashed for about 10 minutes off a bong, and then just go back to being normally whatever i am... when the ganja is plentiful, i generally chain-smoke spliffs and hit the odd bong when i feel like it or when a mate suggests it. or when drunk and i want to put myself through paces...
  13. by myself i need to smoke atleat 2 bowls of good nug, but when im with my buddys, we ususally smoke atleast 6 or 7 in one sitting.
  14. when i'm doing it every day, 3 or 4 bowls...if i haven't had any for a while, i do just as much because i forget about the tolerance thing, and i get FUCKED...which is hopefully gonna happen tonight...haven't had any for TOO long, praying the deala comes a knockin with some good news.

  15. jesus christ man that's a lot of fucking reefer... does that make you cool or something?

  16. ditto, but to get really fucked (depressed, in pain, tired, etc.) usually 2-3 bowls. i recall about 8 bowls in one sitting, but i dont remember anything from ~ 2 weeks after that.
  17. Well I have had alot of bud the past couple of days and today I smoked 5 bowls and was about to smoke the 6th when guess what the lighter goes... no worries im still stoned... its weird i am going to keep on smoking cause i wanna moke my bowl real resiny... rambling sorry. If i had smoke every day i would probably smoke this much. I love weed!!!!!!
  18. it depends on how many kids im with and how much bud we can afford. i dont smoke very often, but when i do i usually do it with all my friends. we have this awesome mini bong and we usually do like 4-7 bowls. but otherwise when i am by myself or only with one person i only have like a gram so i do like 2 bowls and save the rest.
  19. 6th bowl has come and gone, im so stoned i love it!
  20. AHA! i have broken the poll i can sleep in peace i smoked 8 bowls today. I dont know if ill ever come down but i can tell i am slowly (kind of wish it would just end) but anyway im having fun kind of tired of it so im staying up till im all the way down... i hope i dont have a hang over or burnt out.

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