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How lucky are us current day weed smokers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goldtide, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Most of us all have 200 plus tv channels with a guide telling us when and what is coming on, xbox with tons of games at disposal, netflix, many of us have hd tv's. radio, and not to mention the computer or internet. And most all this when can do laying in our bed. We have it nice compared to past generation stoners. We have almost a whole video store to our disposal. And the crazy thing is sometimes I find myself bored.

    This is just a high thought and rant
  2. Yeah, but I kind of wish it was a couple centuries ago.
    Where things were built to last, and built for reliability and to satisfy consumers.
    Now it's all about, "How can we make the most money by making this with the least expensive way?"
    And since we wouldn't have all this technology, everyone would be toking and enjoying nature more. And that's what I like to do today.

    Pretty intelligent high thought though, lol
  3. and still aint satisfied
  4. man I woulda loved being a stoner in the 60's - 70's

  5. Imagine a time when fast food places weren't open 24 hours so if you were high late at night and got the munchies you were S**t out of luck unless you had stuff in your fridge.
  6. we are literally luckyer / richer then 98% of the world.
  7. As much as I love Technology, I rather to go out and enjoy nature, socialize with other tokers, go on adventures, etc than stay home all day.
  8. But clearly not smarter... shit.

    If you didn't have all those worldly commodities you would be outside doing something important, like feeding the homeless... or possibly playing music and becoming rich and famous. Doing something with else with your life besides sitting around getting fat.
  9. Not very lucky. It's illegal.
  10. All those things lead to me getting stoned and sitting inside by myself. Although I'm having fun, I wish it was more fun for me to just go outside and chill with my friends. But, due to the invention of such technologies, it's more fun to be inside.
  11. Although it is great that we have all these things I sometimes wish we didn't so I was out more socialising. My work resolves around the internet so sometimes I find it hard to get away from it.

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