How Loud are Bongs?

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  1. does any one know if ur in ur basement, and ur parents are upstairs, and u use a bong, could they hear? i pipe all the time that way but im liking the bongs lately. Is it really that loud, and should i just do it in the forest or something?
  2. i think it depends on how hard you suck (lol)
  3. the harder you breath into it the more bubbles which will create more sound, but no they will not be able to hear it from upstairs unless your at the bottom of the stairs with no basement door
  4. Suppose it depends on the bong but i have 2, 1 small and 1 large beaker based bongs and its only the small one thats really loud, if i want it quieter i just put my hand gently over the bowl.
  5. hahah + rep for making me laugh dude.

    i just had a bit of nostalgia of me in my mothers basement hitting the bong when i was like 15.
  6. just play a bit of music. your bong rips shouldnt be any louder than the tunes. but yeah it all depends on how hard you try to clear it out. lol when i used to smoke in the basement though, i never had any problems. best of luck. thanks for the laughs :p
  7. It shouldn't be loud enough for them to hear.

    I've never understood people who try to clear a bong like a fucking Hoover vacuum. Once you pull the slide there's gonna be airflow regardless, so you don't need to suck on that shit like it's a million dollar dick sucking contest.
  8. No they shouldn't be able to hear it but, if your parents don't like you smoking in the house, you should probably respect that! Man I hated being young!
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    this loud.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  10. itll be loud if u suck a lotta dick, if u can suck a golf ball thru a garden hose u prolly shouldnt get a tube.
  11. just be careful not to cough to hard, if anything that would get their attention
  12. its like being on an aircraft carrier man i wouldn't.

    seriously, you're "into bongs lately" and don't know what they sound like?
  13. it verys with size

    and as forementioned it also depends on how hard u inhale
  14. If you don't pull hard. It shouldn't be loud. When I blaze with my uncle and he tokes up in another room I can't hear him.

  15. I laughed for ten minutes hahahah
  16. Dont pull too hard and they won't think anything of it if you watch some TV or play some music it shouldn't even be heard. I remember my friend was on the phone one day and I was smoking my bong, no music, silent and she goes "are you smoking a bong?" So I guess it's loud enough for other people to hear on the phone and maybe know what it is.
  17. I ripped my homemade with my parents across the hallway and both doors closed. They couldnt hear it

    but light a candle, so u dont have to keep flicking the lighter. Just push the gas
  18. The best job I ever had... being a judge in one of those contests

    But yeah unless your parents have bionic hearing or some shit or your walls are full of holes there shouldn't be a problem, unless you have a muffler installed on ya bong

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