How Lorde changed the world

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  1. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you probably have heard the song, "Royals" by Lorde.
    A few weeks ago Lorde performed her hit, "Royals", live at the Grammy's. Her performance wasn't the typical Grammy performance you expect. There were no flashing lights, dancers, or back up vocalists on stage. In fact it was only her and her 2 band mates. After her performance, many people began insulting her saying that her performance was "weird" and that the song Royals was stupid.

    If you actually pay attention to the lyrics, it is one of the most inspirational songs ever. And if you watch the video knowing what the song is about, it is one of the best music videos ever despite the lack of special effects.

    Lets acknowledge the first verse, and the chorus of the song.

    "I've never seen a diamond in the flesh
    I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
    And I'm not proud of my address,
    In a torn-up town, no postcode envy

    But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom
    Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,
    We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
    But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
    Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.
    We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair."

    By the opening line, she is already implying that she has never worn jewelry on her hands before because she can't afford it. The next line is used to imply that the only way she would be able to bite wedding rings(which are normally expensive) would be in a movie. Then she admits that she lives in a neighborhood so run down that they don't even have a zip code.

    The second part of the verse explains that the only type of music you hear on the radio is about all these wild things that we can't realistically expect to happen to all of us, but regardless we will dream about it.

    Now let's get to the chorus.

    "And we'll never be royals (royals).
    It don't run in our blood,
    That kind of luxe just ain't for us.
    We crave a different kind of buzz.
    Let me be your ruler (ruler),
    You can call me queen Bee
    And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.
    Let me live that fantasy."

    Royalty is something that normally runs in your blood, but she knows it doesn't run in hers. She also makes it seem like she is very happy living life just the way it is. Despite not coming from a luxurious background she still manages to live life happy and put aside the fact that royalty may never be her thing.

    Even though she is rich and famous now due to the song, she hasn't changed her ways, and that's what made her Grammy performance so motivating. She didn't need make up, or big explosions, or any type of eye-grabber to express how she felt.

    Lorde gives out an amazing message with this unique song. That is something hard to find on the radio in today's world. With so many songs about sex, drugs, and money it's hard to relate to any song on the radio least some songs.
    Lorde let's us know that she includes us when she sings. Hence the words "we'll" and "our" in the lines, "And WE'LL never be royals; It don't run in OUR blood."

    Lorde's hit, "Royals" has reached #1 in charts across 30 different countries, and has reached the Top 5 in at least 50 other countries. Lorde has won 8 diferent awards in her music career so far, including 2 Grammys, 4 New Zealand Music awards, an APRA award, and an MTV Europe Music Award. Her song Royals has received Platinum in over 7 countries and has been purchased over 4,895,00 times, only including the United States.

    Despite her young age, Lorde has sent her message out to hundreds of people, just by singing about how casual her life is.

    If 17 year old Lorde can change the world, why can't we?

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  2. dont forget that Rick Ross dos a thing with her music too.
    Maybach Music! too bad Maybach doesnt exist anymore. 
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    I'm not quite sure that she's changed the world as she only has the one hit, and she's only been on the scene for a very short time, but I don't dislike her or her music. I think people are just glad to have a pop artist who doesn't glorify excess and narcissism. I mean how many of us common folk are really popping bottles of Cristal and spending every night in the club? Shit, I've never even been in a club. 
    We'll see if she's still making a hits in a year's time.

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