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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Salviasagewise, May 28, 2006.

  1. My plants are nearing 3 weeks old and I want to know how long before I should Flower them.

    Im using 3 1600L cfls in a roughly 2x1 space. I only have 3 small, 1 foot plants mind you. Here are the pictures.

    wondering how much yield might I find by flowering in 1-2 more weeks.

    These pictures were taken when they were sick. Will not flower til they are fully healthy fyi.

    Also, this is my first time growing dont be too harsh if my plants look bad. Even if they are weak =( They're still my babies.
  2. she's, hmm, long.... and u give her too much water i think (yellow leafs)... whatever, you can start flo now if you want, but you should wait 4 weeks or more
  3. Yeah shes long, I had her 7 inches away from my cfls for a whole week. Stupid me...I'm not used to growing with cfls... And I've already covered the yellowing leaves issue I think.

    I've got about 9 more inches of space to grow in the space I have. Things started going slow 3 days ago, I think I have a ph problem, but no more strips, so I'm going to go by experiment with some lime....

    This is just an experiment trial to get the basis technique for actually vegitating and flowering, but hell. A nice yield means I dont have to spend 300 more dollars on weed I would have bought in a 3 week period.

    Next time I plan on usign a seed bank - and about 20 plants.

    (edit) Oh I forgot to add! Some may only seem long.... on one plant, the bottom most leafs fell off. My single blade, plus the seedling sprout. Side spurs are already starting where they used to be.
  4. i've got idea, proposition: LST, bend her :)

    and then take the lamps closer
  5. still new to the forums..... LST? Bend her? Should I tie them down?

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