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How long have you been puffen the Magic Dragon?

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  1. I just wanted to know how long everyone heres been smokin the reefer. I have only been smoken for 4 weeks, and its the best 4 weeks ever.
  2. are the choices supposed to be for years? if soo... then like 5.5 -6 years so far....

    consistanlty and almost everyday for the last 4 years.....

    yay fo burnouts and consistant hook ups...
  3. Ihave been smoking for about 2 or 3 years its been good times brings back alot of memories.peace out
  4. I've been smoking for a little over half of my life.
  5. ya dude those options are definitely vague, but ive been smokin for about three years.. actually like three years and a month.

  6. Been smokin since I was 13. All I can say is that its been really awesome.

  7. LOL, me too...although I quit for a few years...
  8. When i first saw this i thought you meant "Hoe long is your weiner" LOL :D and it is pretty long although thats besdies the point, hehehe, yeah i have been smoking that buddah for 5 years now but cut down alot recently, no green for like 2 weeks now and feeling fine and fa fa fressssshh!
  9. weedboss, are you giving up on it?

  10. Most probably not just taking a break off it and proving to myself that it doesn't control me and bringing my tolerance straight down do when i do it i don't need to smoke that much, it's the best way i encourage you to do it and try. There's no ponit getting blazed all the time, been there done that.

  11. Good idea WB...ya gotta know if tha devil's got you or you got the devil...i usually give up booze for Lent each year just for that reason...good luck, stay strong, then come back to it on your own terms.

  12. Yup :)
  13. 1st blaze i jus had now for 2 weeks i am buzzzin yo, i'm back :)

  14. lol, Yeah, I can dig it WB...that first high after being "clean" for a couple of weeks can be so really heightens your awareness of the change in attitude the good herb will give.

    BTW, i'm diggin your new avatar...glad you're stickin around


  15. Yeah i was quite stoned even though it was just normal weed cost me £25 for 1/4 because of this, damn drought so there is alot of demand for getting hold of n e type of green but who gives a fuck my tolerance was down and i got HiGH!

    And thanx for those comments Buzz you are a a good guy i hope you will stick with us in the city for longer as well i think your top bloke and it was for ppl like you why i continued to stay on here and i'm :) that you are diggin my new avatar dude ;)
  16. Right back at ya WB! Thanks for making me feel welcome in the City. Its nice to find a home for like-minded blokes. ;)
  17. a few years.... and im not gonna quit until i die:)
  18. i been smoking since the day i turned 14--its been great!!! and i have more years to come

  19. man i think it's been about a year and a half since my first bowl....this last year or so has been the best ever man.....good times...good times

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  20. The feeling is mutual

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