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How long would it take to be completly clean

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RWK Nova, May 10, 2010.

  1. how long of a t break would the most heaviest smokers need to take to get a high just like their first or have no tolerance whats so ever.
  2. For the absolute heaviest smoker (and I'm talking pounds and over a day), I would say 3 months AT LEAST.
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    Depends on your body mass among other things unique to your body. A friend of mine is on the larger side (5' 11" 250lb, roughly) and managed to piss clean for a job after only 2 weeks of not smoking, and he was a heavy daily smoker before this and continues to smoke now. Metabolism, body fat, etc. are all factors to consider. Generally speaking, it's usually about 30 days for most people.

    Edit: Yeah, if you want to get that original "newb" feeling back, it will take longer. You might never get it back, to be honest. Your early experiences with weed not only have to do with your tolerance level, but also just the fact that it was new and you didn't know what to expect. Even with a t-break, smoking just isn't so foreign to you anymore.

    If you smoke pounds a day, I don't think a t-break will help you all that much. Ever. Sure, it would go down, but I don't see anyone getting their tolerance down to nothing after that kind of intake, especially if they've been doing it for years. Not only that, but if you're smoking that much, I doubt a t-break would be possible because anyone who smokes that much is, without question, severly habituated to it. They would either have to suddenly get some serious self-control, or they would have to quit altogether and go to rehab for the sake of their health. I don't know anyone who can actually smoke a pound+ a day though, so I really wouldn't know.
  4. About 30 days would be enough for even the heaviest smoker to lose all physical tolerance. Even that's probably overkill. Any longer than that would be a waste of time IMO.
  5. Much, MUCH more than the 30 days believed by most. I know that from my own body and do not believe myself to be special in that sense. I smoke every day a few times a day. 30 days is not enough to undo that. Took me 19 days just to drop my levels one mark on the lab's chart. I never did get clean.
  6. it really depends on the person. ive gone where i have smoked for about 3 times a day for 18 months straight, and i took off 9 days and passed my drug test. but i have had other experiences of smoking daily for weeks and passed after just 3 days. On the other hand one of my friends that i smoke with failed his, and he gave himself 2 weeks. it depends on how big you are, and your metabolism and other things.
  7. We may be answering two different questions here. The post title says "How long would it take to be completely clean?" But in the post he's asking how long of a break would it take to lose tolerance. I still say that 30 days is more than adequate to lose all tolerance even though it might not be enough to clean all traces out of your system (say for drug testing purposes) depending on your particular circumstances. I also smoke daily and have been for decades so I'm basing this on my experiences. Of course it might vary from person to person but a 30 day T break will give you the same results as a 90 day break as far as how high you'll get afterward.
  8. I can't agree with that cause it doesn't make biochemical sense. Less thc in the body will manifest as lower tolerance. That being said I would admit that the difference between 30 and 90 days might be negligible to human sensitivity.
  9. as far as getting a "first time high" again, I'd say 6 months+++, because your brain is recovering long after the THC leaves your system.

    as far as the TCH filtering completely out, I'd guess 1- 1.5 months.
  10. If you have traces of THC in your urine, you still have somewhat of a tollerance to lose
  11. I always thought once all the THC is out of your system you have no tolerance but I could be wrong.
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    ^ i know thats wrong, My sister quit smoking for 2 months and tested positive before... (slow ass metabolism) If the THC is still in your system you most likely will not be feeling the full effect.

    EDIT: Explanation: (These are just some things to consider. Never make an assumption without properly researching first)

    THC is fat soluble, thus it stores itself in your fatty tissues. As you burn these fats for energy small amounts of it are released into your blood stream. These are generally low concentrations and you do not feel the effects of it. The THC is then flushed out of your body through Urine or sweat. While it is floating around in your blood it is not unreasonable to speculate that some THC makes it to the brain and into your receptors. This would support the argument that not being fully clean means that you still have some tolerance. I would say your best bet to get the "first time high" would be to wait until you are completely clean. You could probably improve your chances by trying to be healthier, people in todays age carry around a lot of toxins and chemicals that your body really doesnt need to have in it. The healthier you are the better all your organs, including the brain, work. (Hopefully this could result in better absorption of THC)

    So, as long as it takes you to be clean. which like others have said depends on your Body Mass Index, Metabolism, How much you exercise, diet, how much you sweat etc... so many factors to consider, and its different for everyone...
  13. Recovering from what exactly? Bullshit. :devious:

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