How long would a urine sample stay good?

Discussion in 'General' started by meluvpot, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew how long urine would stay good to be tested if I got it from my friend. Could I just keep it in an air tight container? Does it go bad? I get randomly drug tested so I was thinkin I could just have a sample of clean piss hidden in my freezer or in my room or something. Then just put it in a condom and maybe use a heat pouch or something to warm it up. Well if anyone knows how long it stays good, please LMK!!
  2. "Urine samples are best collected with the addition of ascorbic acid to urine to prevent oxidation of labile metabolites. Fifty mg of ascorbic acid may be added to 50 ml of urine (1mg/ml). The urine should be placed at 4 degrees C immediately, labeled, and frozen at or below -20 degrees C within 8 hours. Remove any precipitate before freezing by centrifugation. (*Note, I skipped that part and mine stayed good for months.) Samples may be stored frozen at -20 degrees C for several months without loss of metabolites. Avoid long-term storage of frozen urine samples in frost-free refrigerators. "
  3. Make sure you put it in a non-lubricated condom to avoid residue in the urine.
  4. do you know where i could get ascorbic acid? i think i am gonna freeze it too so i think the acid may help alot.
  5. Vitamin C! :D You can get it anywhere, almost. I crushed the tablet really well into a fine powder and then added it to the urine. I shook the container really well and froze it. Before I froze it, some C settled in the bottom of the container but after I thawed it out to use it, there was nothing at the bottom so you will be good to go!
  6. How long would urine stay good if left at room temperature (in a medicine bottle wrapped a few times in ceram wrap) or in the refrigerator?

    I only need it to last a few days tops so I'm hesitant to risk adding other chemicals or freezing it...
  7. Alrite I just put the urine-filled medicine bottle wrapped with ceram wrap and then sealed with tape into a pretty well concealed spot in the refrigerator. (The sample was only pissed out about 40 mins ago BTW)

    It should be good till at least Wednesday, right?
  8. There's so many urine threads on GC, its discusting dudes.
  9. :hello: drink it if you wanna know if its good or not-- I bet its delicious

    i dunno. But theres a member on hre that says he keeps them in the freezer for random drug tests and brings 1 bottle of urine to work with him every single day.
  10. Old ass thread.
  11. damn..fucking 2003..
  12. nice i posted this 4 years ago

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