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How Long Will You Smoke For?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nugagerube, May 27, 2013.

  1. Just curious how long each of us will think we will smoke the herb? I probably will until I start a family then pick it up later in life after all my kids grow up. Anyone not ever planning on stopping?

  2. I don't see myself ever completely stopping
  3. I do not see myself ever stopping. I can say that I love Marijuana and have an infatuation with it. Of course once I have a family and stuff it wouldn't be a 24/7 thing and would be more hidden, but none the less I will still partake.
  4. :smoke weed errryday:
  5. don't see any foreseeable reason to stop, It helps me live my life normally, and i'd probably start binge drinking and chain smoking if I had to get rid of mary jane haha I don't see that turning out well for myself.
    I do plan on taking an extended trip to Japan in the future and possibly working there for up to a year if i want to go that route, but that would be like trading diamonds for diamonds lol
  6. Is there good weed in japan?
  7. I'm never going to stop, no matter what. Cut down sure, but I need to be able to blaze at least once a day
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    Definitely; the place has a great climate for weed; but you'd be EXTREMELY lucky to find it from what i can tell haha. Japan has some of the strictest drug laws of any country, even mentioning weed in general is considered pretty... whats the word..... faux pas? 
    But I did watch something about the marijuana movement there, its tiny right now but i guess its definitely on the rise. would be cool to get involved somehow haha; the reason it was made illegal there in the first place was because the United States wrote them a new constitution; before then everyone was smoking it!
  9. My death certificate will read:
    CAUSE OF DEATH: Complications due to cannabis abuse.
  10. Well, I've been smoking/vaping for about 45yrs. now so I'd say that I'll never stop.   Especially now that I vape exclusively.  Seems to be much better on the whole body.
  11. Until the day I die! I'm on and off it though, it's not like an all day everyday thing, only when I have the money for it (although I could have saved a fortune if I never smoked weed).
    I'm 24 years old, have a one year old daughter, going to college and getting good grades, clean criminal record. I really see no reason to quit smoking weed.
  12. until i die. 
  13. I will probably cut down when I land my first career opportunity, until my life reaches a stable point where I can live on my own/
  14. Ill smoke the rest of my life give or take some days and t-breaks here and there. I'll probably be more secretive about it when I have a family until they move out on their own. 
    It's too great for me to see myself ever saying that I would never do it again.
  15. probably never stop completely, need atleast one toke a day  :smoke:  cut down yeah more than likely.
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    whoops double post
  17. June 8th, 2036....just for the hell of it
  18. As long as I have two usable lungs, a beating heart, and a semi functioning brain.
  19. Most likely never! Why do I need to stop ? Especially if I'm smoking top chronic everyday aha
  20. if I can make a career out of being a musician/producer I'll keep smoking practically everyday
    if I can't, I'll probably cut down to just evenings and weekend when I get a proper full time job

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