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How long will this weed last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darkest, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Well I first bought like 5 bowls worth around 3-4 weeks ago.

    I opened it the second week...used some but didn't work out.

    Then a week later I opened again and didn't work out either!

    Then like two days ago I finally did it for the first time.

    Anyway, it's in this small baggie that I keep in a battery compartment of a CD player...I just like ya know close the baggie like roll the open part over..idk how to explain it lol.

    But how long would it be good for?

    It's still fairly green...and smells pretty strong. Mids.

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  2. If it's been in a closed rolled up baggie in the battery compartment of a CD player for 3-4 weeks, you should think about smoking it pretty soon, like within the next week or so. You could wait longer no problems, just won't be as nice.
  3. Well the only reason I've had it this long is because I like NEVER get any chances to smoke it.

    I would have done all of it the first day if I had the chance ahah.
  4. Take a walk at night, find a relaxing, secluded spot, and toke up :smoke:
  5. exactly

    and bring rolling papers if you can't buy/smuggle out a pipe
  6. Just smoke it.. Don't think that far ahead.

  7. Too bad I've NEVER taken a walk myself in my entire life ahah, they would think something's up.

    I'ma try hard this weekend though lol!

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  8. It's not difficult. I have a feeling you're not inhaling..
  9. Well I did it two days ago...I inhaled it, but the problem was I didn't know it was gonna hurt my throat so bad I just like exhaled really time I will be prepared though.

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  10. Ya its alittle harsh at first but after awhile its just like breathing air.

    As for the time issue, don't worry about it.Weed can stay good for a bit, it will become dry and harsher but thats awhile down the road if you got it bagged.

    Youll have smoked it far before it start showing signs of time on it.

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