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How long Will on Gram last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by katiloki, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. scenario:
    2 ppl.

    person one: female, 16 yrs old, only smoked once a yr ago- didn't get high.
    person two: Male, 16 yrs old, muuuucch more experienced than the female.
    will on gram be enough for them to smoke and get high????
  2. Even if it's shitty bud, a gram blunt should get 2 people, 1 being new, high.

    That being said - I would recommend a blunt. Easy for the newb (why do people honestly not understand how a bong works?) and sure to work.
  3. Just get the most of the smoke when you inhale. Hold it in. Dont inhale and exhale immidiatley.
  4. Short answer, yes.
  5. Fersure dude I've been smoking daily for a whiiiiile, and even a dime bag shared will get me baked, it only takes a few hits bro
  6. If its dank, a fat bowl should have person 1 and 2 set. But I would just roll 2 even size joints.

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