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How long will it take me to pass a urine test? How to pass a urine test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ImDazed&Confused, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. I know this question has been brought up millions of times, but I'm looking for an answer that applies to my body type and situation. I'm 180lbs. I smoke about 4 days a week. Probably a total of 1/8 a week. I'm not very active so I don't easily burn off the THC and I have a good amount of body fat that stores THC. I haven't smoked since Sunday because I found out I needed to take a urine test. So my questions are, how long will it take me to pass a urine test? What should I do to make sure that I will pass the urine test? By the way, I'd prefer not to borrow someone else's piss for a number of reasons.
  2. Just suck dick bro, it works

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  3. one month
    drink lots of water and exercise it improve your chances.
    but, one month should do the trick regardless.
  4. if you dont have a month to spare, I recommend doing the Sure Jell Method. google it cause i have better things to do with my time. like taking the time to type this out so you understand that I am super busy and you should just use google to find answers to all the questions you have.
  5. The only sure fire way to  pass a drug test is to stop toking until you pass a home test.
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