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How long will a bowl stay in your system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by As Above So Below, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I am completely clean of THC. I am 5'6, 130 lbs, workout out almost everyday of the week, except Saturday. Gonna be going into the military soon ( b/w a week or a few months) and I want to know if I smoke a bowl will I be alright? Like I said I workout a lot. What if I fast for a few days and run a lot? Kinda drunk right now so JW :laughing: When I was smoking for a few months it literally took a month and a week for me to be 100% clean (testing myself 2 times a week). I don't Need to smoke a bowl, not craving it or anything, I would just like too.

    Of Course the safest thing is to not smoke, I've said it plenty of times myself. But how long would it take for a small grav bong bowl to get out of my system?
  2. I'm drunk as hell now too hahah.

    I think you should approximate about a week per hit.
    One hit: one week failed test.
    Two hits: two week failed test...

    Enjoy the herb as long as you can man. Take a hit with that next shot. :smoking:
  3. use a weed calculator
  4. smoke a fat blunt, fuck it
  5. There's a thread that answers this. One bowl, at minimum, maybe 5 days. If you're joining in as little as a week, I wouldn't chance it.
  6. See the thing is I haven't been accepted yet. I have an abuse of toxic vapor charge. Everyone up at MEPS seems to be taking their time. Going on 2 weeks that I've been waiting. I haven't been officially accepted yet. But they said if worst comes to worst I will have to retake the physical, which I already passed (for the navy, got rejected though). I told them I can pass but I have a busy schedule and they know that, so I could always push it back a little bit? I got a half g (yea... lol) but I only want to smoke 1 small bowl, and then I am holding onto the rest.

    I workout a lot and I will def be working out and running hardcore this week.

    Random ?: Would fasting and running help get rid of THC? IK there is a DT thread already but I feel that everyone has diff. circumstances that need different answers.
  7. why do people ask stupid ass questions, if u fail the test u can never go into the military. so if u just fucking wait u can smoke once ur in. god damn be smart

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