how long untill my girl is ready?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Luuke, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. hi never flowered a plant before how long do you think untill she would be ready to harvest ? thanks for the help guys.



  2. Somewhere like 5-8 weeks from where you're at now maybe. It's hard to say.
  3. wow thats a very long time lol its 18 days into flower so yeah i knew it was still gonna be a while but was just interested, any idea on yeild i just hope i get around 10 grams for my first plant lol.
  4. i hope you get a pound off that plant haha. hope mine keeps on going strong.
    im 13 days into flowering
  5. looks like its 2-3 weeks in..Once the hairs start changing color,you got 3 weeks...
  6. luuke i think our plant are going to be done at about the same time. ha
  7. yeah there about the same height aswell will be good to compare when there done looks like its gonna be near the end of january before i can cut her.
  8. question on this post how do you know when your close? so when the hairs change color? i know about the tri clomes (sorry missed spelled) but how do you know when she going to be ready soon and to start flushing?
  9. im guessing when the hairs start to change let her go for 2 weeks then use only water for the last week? not 100% sure lol
  10. il make a post
  11. What strain do you know?
  12. sweet thanks mate :)
  13. hey pink just measured her and she sits at 29 inches switched the lights 12 12 when she was 12 inches so more than double hight so far.
  14. same for me. do we have the same plants? ha i have a oaksterdam clone sativa idk what kind of weed thow. i started to flower 13 days ago at 13 inchs now shes 22.5 inches
  15. i have a bag seed so no idead what she could be lol
  16. so if i actually smoked my plant right now would it get me high lol. and no im not going to smoke it yet.
  17. Looooong time to go broseph, @ least another 5 weeks
  18. I remember when I could still see my girl's individual buds forming such a nice and fulfilling experience. You most def have a buncha weeks ahead of you, and if your growing with low wattage like myself (84 Wykyd_Watts!)... you have 2x the buncha weeks you had before.

    I chopped early, regret it, but thanksgiving was the harvest day I had in mind and after 127 days of flowering I was very eager to pull and start my new grow..

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