How long until Marijuana is Legalized federally for recreational use?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by YupYupImGone, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Will it be Next presidential? The one after that? 10 years? Never? What do you guys think?

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  2. Never. Its a struggle to get it legal even in deep blue states.
  3. federal rec, probably never...but how long until its decriminalized across the country, with states deciding for themselves whether to use a recreational or medical platform or not allow for public sale at all...
    I doubt it'll come during the next presidential term, but I do believe that there will be some major headway during the next 6 years... just save the champagne for sometime in the 20s
  4. Tommorow if the states of Washington and Colorado claim that they are thier own country. Civil war would ensue. But it could happen tommorow.
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    If enough of the People who are still to afraid to come out of the closet and just say Fook it !   And say they smoke and grow and will contunue to do so no matter what, 
    Where are they going to put all of us after they arrest us, and there would be civil revolt if they tried to lock everyone up.
    The Marijuana Movement needs everyone to stand up and say Yes we all smoke and want to continue to do so.
  6. States should just start doing that just so the american government can maybe get the slightest hint that they are fucking up big time and no one wants to be a part of that, then maybe just maybe things would change for the better.
  7. We as a whole need to stop the choosen few from governing our lives, and telling us what we can and can not do.
    Its really Sad that we call them Leaders/..................................................
  8. Better be careful  They might decide to throw us in a FEMA Camp to Die
  9. Hopefully soon man!!!! It makes zero sense why weed is illegal....

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  10. Once one-third of the country (16-17 states) legalize everyone will notice these states making billions and get green (get it?) with envy.

    The federal laws will look stupid because these green states won't have the terrible results the prohibitionist promised, in fact it will be the opposite. Studies will prove cannabis is much safer than alcohol and over a hundreds of medical benefits.

    I predict the feds will cave in 2025, eleven years from now.
  11. It will be schedule 2 in less then 5 years and then it will be owned my the goverment. Drug war continues.
  12. Until they find a way to make us give up some of our rights in return for marijuana legalization.

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