How long to wait before dying on bleached hair?

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  1. Basically I bleached my hair four time and got it the silver colour I wanted, now that the silver faded it turned into a light ash blond colour. Though I'm okay with being blond I don't want to deal with the regrowth so I want to dye it a darker colour. My hair of course after all that bleaching is a bit fragile at the moment. It's not fried, it's pretty smooth and soft however if you put effort on tugging on it can break easily. The last time I bleached it was either late October or early November.
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  4. I have no idea. But since these other posts are not informative at all!

    I say you should wait maybe a month or 2. Then see how your hair is ( does it still break away easily ).

    If all is good then go for it.

    Like i said ive never bleached my hair or anyone else. I have no idea.
  5. may be month one

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