How long to sex from seeds?

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  1. I got a bag of seed that is supposed to be very good indica, and had every one I started come up. They hit the third brach with 5-finger leaves, so I put them in my indoor room which has flowering Hawaiian Short Season going. They've been in for 5 days now, and I'm waiting to see if they are all female or what. So far on a couple I've got the characteristic white hairs (2) microscopically poking out so that is a hopeful sign as even the 3-finger leaves are darn near two and a half inches wide and 4 inches long, but never having grown from seed, I don't know how long it will be before any males show their little pollen sacs, and I do not want to let them go long enough to ruin what looks like will be an excellent little stash.

    I marked the calendar to check every two days, then realized since I am a bonehead, that could be too long between checking. Since I'm on the medical program I'm legal, but I'm also out right now so I'm trying to stay the hell outta that room cause they (Hawaiian Colas) are too tasty looking but won't be fully mature till the end of the month to the second week of July and every one I "test drive" seriously cuts the final yield.

    Anybody willing to give a little expertise to a DIY who has learned most everything by mistake?

    I am going to move them outside to my greenhouse, but want to put any males WAY away from the girls, and do a cross with my normal outdoor hybrid that has been cloned for almost 5 years now. Just to see what happens. :p
  2. Vintendo, keep a close eye I find usually around 10 to 14 days! Be careful if one male pollen sack opens it will release enough pollen to pollinate 1000 females to seed ! You need to really need to keep a close eye. Dem dare Males are sneaky bastards If you miss the development of a male flower they can and will grow to completion and pop in a single dark cycle. I have seen it many times. I start combing them thoroughly at 7 to 8 days. I can share with you some helpful advice! True Males always grow there flower from the sides of bracts not in between the internodes like females there is a definite difference. Get a really good magnifier or 10 power jewelers loop this will prove invaluable. Males in there earliest development produce growth that resemble glandular tri-combs they produce a little ball like nub at the end of a smaller diameter connecting tube. They have a single growth that resembles the female pistol females have the 2 pistol hairs the males just the one look alike this is what confuses many a man! If in doubt pull it out! Turn your free air movement down until you have sexed them all. Remember you need to keep your eye on them religiously from about day 8 to about day 21 and remember females will change sex ! Your males will always be males your females can go either way so don't stop inspecting them just because you think they have all shown you males will all show by week 3 for sure your femes you need to monitor actually to the end I have had them self at 5,and 6 weeks for no reason. Seed stock is a sketchy thing these days! Keep the best male and allow it to continue to flower in a storage or moving box with cheap light over it and collect the pollen into a zip lock bag place this inside a couple more bags and you can keep this in the freezer for whenever you desire to breed a crop of seed! This will give you a one of kind strain! You never know it might be the "Cup Winner"

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  3. I will still keep checking them, but I had a feeling that pollination could occur overnight, so I moved them outside into my vegetable garden. Now I'll have till around September to find out. Thank you for the tip on getting pollen and putting it in the freezer, if it turns out to be some killer strain, I think I'll take one grow point from each of the other two strains I have, and do the plastic bag thingy to seed one branch.

    A friend showed me an "experimental plant" he did that with by putting some pollen into a triple plastic baggie, and after placing it onto the flower, he actually sealed the baggie to the stem with wax, and at harvest he had four branches with seeds from four different strains.
    He told me that once that is done, you have to take the seed from each flower and have one female get pollinated from a male of the same strain, then the next flowers seeds will be "true," so you sex those and then keep the best females for mothers. Makes sense to me, but I'm not the shiniest bulb in the chandelier, so whadda you think?

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