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How long to keep a blunt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Baysick, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Somewhat new smoker, never smoked a blunt before but next year i'm going to be going off to college living at a dorm and I was wondering if I start buying by the ounce woulld rolling up 28 blunts and keeping them in some sort of smell proof jar for like a month be a bad idea?
  2. I'm not a blunt smoker either, but would the blunt wraps dry out by that time? That seems to be my only concern. That would be pretty awesome. 28 Pre rolled blunts.

  3. Hell yeah dude, I live in AZ and my dealer can get me an ounce of medical for 200 bucks lol, and idk how much blunt wraps are like 1.50 each? 42 bucks for the wraps?

    242 bucks for 28 blunts? Seems like a good deal to me, especially in Arizona where i kno a lot of my friends pay near 20 bucks a g
  4. just curious why not just keep the tree in jar and buy fresh blunts and rillos?
  5. yeah dude. get a mason jar, put the weed in that, then when you need to smoke, or when it comes close to the time to go off to school buy the blunts.

    edit: just over -comma'd the shit out of this post. whatever im high
  6. I know it sounds fun but you really shouldn't roll up 28 blunts because they're gonna get drier than Arizona, jar or no jar. What you need is a humidor, but I'm not sure how weed behaves in those things, since they're made for tobacco.
  7. You could get blunts and wraps on sale if you look around. Smoke shops, even gas stations if they're on sale. Don't pay full price though for quantity.

    I wouldn't roll the wraps first. Breaking up bud in general makes them go dry faster due to exposing more of the inside of the bud to air, where normally only the outside would be exposed.

    I'd keep the flower in a jar, and would just break up/roll what I'd be using immediately.

  8. What if I keep the ounce in a jar and roll the blunts when I want them?

  9. yeah man thats essentially what people are saying you should do... or atleast that is what i meant and i think others meant
  10. 28 blunts- $42.
    300 Elements/RAW's- less than $4.
    Blunts might dry out.
    I've kept J's for a about 2 months.
    See why I prefer J's? Haha. :smoking:
    But to answer your question, I don't really know because I don't smoke blunts.

  11. Haha well i've never tried blunts, so maybe i'll do a little of each haha

    Love wiz but i just wanna try blunts for a bit lol xD

  12. Yeah, I'm just gonna keep the ounce in a good jar, and get a bunch of blunts and only open it when ima smoke it
  13. never tried blunts?

  14. Nah, they good? Just been smoking pipes and the occasional dube...

    High off the pipe right now lol

  15. The 62% humidipaks by Boveda work great in an airtight jar to keep things fresh.
  16. If you've never had blunts, you might want to try one before rolling up 28 haha.

    I like blunts, but they are harsher. i don't smoke tobacco at all. only weed. i like blunts every now and then, like every couple weeks.
  17. Thanks for the awesome replies everyone

  18. Yeah lol might get like 10 and a bunch of joints, maybe a bowl lol
  19. honestly as someone mentioned previously, i would buy a ton of raws. Great papes, get some filters and role that. much more pure weed taste and honestly no icky tabacco...just my .02 ....

    Edit: you posted before i saw. I would say buy a cheap glass bowl and some raws. thatll give you optimal efficiency for the lowest price.

  20. Haha I hear ya, gonna get some of both, but it's not till next year when I go to college, I'll know by then if I like blunts

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