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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Stigze, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Hi How long does it take to grow the plants until harvest,,,,,i bought some seeds and it says 8-9 weeks its been nearly 4 weeks and its only 5 inches high?


  2. that means 8-9 weeks of flowering from when u put them into flower. u gotta veg them 1st, EG grow a plant worth flowering.
  3. O Could take quite a while yet then whats the quickest time ya can possibly do it in?
  4. Usually 3 to 4 months , depending on soil or hydro, quicker if you can get clones.
  5. Hi What Height Should it be after 8 weeks?

  6. growing in soil?? Under how much Light?? 5 weeks from the time you put the seed in dirt, probably less than 12 inches would be normal. It takes the seed about two weeks to become a seedling, another week for the roots to start to warm up good, nd another couple of weeks to start the first set of true leaf sets out.

    How many leaf sets have formed? Don't count the round seed leaves that first popped out when it was a sprout. Just the tru fan MJ sets.
  7. There are quite a few leaves the 1st seed i put in was on the 24th of September, and its 5 inches high so does that seems quite normal?

    Thanks for the reply!

  8. noy unless u bin growing it allmost a year or u have a time machine, its the 18th today.

    how many sets of spikey leaves does it have and when did u plant it? in guessin nxt next week is a typeo...
  9. lmao......damn i could be doing with that time machine for these blueberry' out..........Sid
  10. lol Yes i hav a time machine i got it from a car boot sale,,,,,,,,,I meant the 24th of August :)

    Its got 3 leaves on each branch
  11. This plant is outdoors correct? If so this is how you grow it, take a shovel dig it up and put it in a pot, bring the pot inside your house and procede to the growroom design forum then make a trip to homedepot lowes or wal mart. Then go to the indoor growing forum ;). Its way to late to be growing outdoors man!

    Well you could always veg the plant in a room all winter till its about 1/2 the size of titas plant, That would be like 7'x7', Then put it outside early spring and give tita a run for his money ;). You should pull about 4000grams off that sucker (~$30k in weed). And the reason why its so small is because you prob overwater it and its a bit cold out too.

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