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  1. I am growing White Widow and Early Misty right now. Hopefully i will get at least two females of each. I was wondering how long you think it will take to flower these. I am leaving for a long vaction in 3 months and 1 week from today and i need to finish them before then. When should i put them into flower? You can check how big they are as of a few days ago in my journal in my sig.

    Also i have another queestion. Some one posted this picture a little while ago and i had a question on it. It says that harvesting when the trichomes are cloudy will give you a "up/heady/energetic, rushy high as opposed to couchloch or head high if you harvest later. So why doesnt more people harvest whent he trichomes are cloudy? It seems that most people would prefer a up eergetic high?


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  2. Hey bro I just looked over the pics of your grow and have to say they look like they've been chronically over fertilized and over watered. The drooping leaves and yellowing are classic signs. I would suggest sitting down and doing some reading before moving your plants to the next stage of development because your overall yield is going to be affected, plus you don't want to flower sick plants. Another suggestion, limit what information you take over the Internet because there are a lot of well meaning people out there that don't know what they're talking about. Before you take advice from folks look at their garden photos. People that know what they're talking about generally have good pics of their plants while the pretenders usually don't. It's not a law by any stretch of the imagination but be very careful dog. Read, read, read...

    Stay green!<O:p</O:p
  3. Yo buddy.

    White Widow should take 56-70 days to finish Early Misty should take 8 weeks or 60 days. If that’s the case, I would put into flower no later than in two weeks. That gives you enough time for ripening, manicuring and a week of upside down drying.

    That tricholm chart you have there is good. There is no formula for correct harvest time. Everyone likes there smoke different. I like my grass to be an Indica Sativa mix because I don't like that Ultra Down Low and I don't like to be overly giggly and goofy. Therefore the mix is perfect for me. The chart you have there is also a means of controlling these traits within a particular strain based on when you harvest. Good luck.
  4. Hey AK, whats up, ya i think that i may have overwatered a bit too much, as well as underferted once and maybe over ferted, i dont know, its tough to get right. This is my first grow though. Thanks for the advice.
    smoknvtec, that sounds about right, i will put them into flower in maybe a week and a half assuming all goes well.
    Thanks for the advice guys.
    I do have another question: to coserve space for the hieght of my plants i was goign to build pots for how many number of females i get. Since i dont have really any height, i was goign to make them no more than 8-10 inches in height, but they would be about 2 or 3 feet wide and long. Would this work. The roots could still run out pretty far, just not that deep.
    Also if i make them out of wood, do i have to coat the wood with plastic or anything or just put the soil into the wood?

  5. Also, i am using 2 white pots for two of my plants. Will light go through the pots, is it enough to affect the roots and should i cover them so no light will go through?


  6. Don't think you have to worry about this too much. They should be fine. What are the dimensions of your grow space again? You can do LST if you have height restrictions.
  7. I am doing LST now and it is working well, but height will still be a problem, i have 3 feet available, so just about 2 with buckets and soil. I am planning on moving the light off to the side a bit so they will have a full two feet. How does this sound?
    Also the space is 3x5x3 LWH
  8. Sounds like you might have to trigger flower earlier than later but, we will see. At least you are tying them down.

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