How long to flush plants? (DWC Hydro)

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  1. How long before harvest should the plants be given strictly water? I've heard everywhere from 7 to 20 days. Clarify?
  2. I have heard that myself.

    I start flushing at the beginning of week 8. Then harvest when I see the trich colors I am looking for, typically 7 to 10 days.
  3. Why you have to do that?? (new to hydro :p)
  4. wait until your plant is 60-75% of your desired trich development.

    FBIspy, you would do this because the plants start using internal sugars to develop buds at the end of the grow cycle. The plant goes slightly deficient, and this equals a smoother more potent smoke.

    You have a terrible name btw.
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  5. There are two prevailing opinions. One was given right below your question, the other side believes it to be a total myth and feel flushing is not necessary. Both sides will tell you from experience why they are absolutely right. So its really up to you.

    Plus, if you use the Lucas Formula, no flushing is necessary if you use the add back formula with nutes.
  6. hmm ithx for answering :D
    and my name rocks :p

  7. haha right on :p

    terrible name :D
  8. Thanks guys. And your name really is terrible. Big time.
  9. I thought unless the nutrient was flushed from the plant it would cause a horrible taste and pop and crack when burned?
  10. Thats what those that believe in flushing will tell you. The side that believes you do not have to flush will tell you thats a load of crap. So who to believe?
  11. no matter what either side of the argument says, if you dont flush you are smoking more chemicals. its pretty cut and dry (lol quite literally in a couple weeks). i would personally recommend at least a 2 week flush.
  12. So if you dont flush you have a wierd taste?
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  13. if you dont flush it will taste like youre smoking nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, iron, zinc, etc. if you do flush youll just be getting the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. You want a clean combustion reaction, no involving any crazy chemicals or ions.
  14. No, plants use nutes just to allow them to process water light and C02 better. Nutes stay in your res. There are many many that do not flush and will tell you they get no chemical taste. You can choose to believe on side or the other, but those that tell you it will taste funny are the ones that believe you should flush. The other side will come tell you there is no taste difference. So again, its a choice, its what you choose to BELIEVE, since there is no facts about the matter. The best thing for you to do is do 2 grows. Flush one, don't flush the other. Dry and cure, then see for yourself.

    I have smoked flushed weed and non flushed weed, and I see no difference whatsoever.

    So don't believe the hype, but rather, find out for yourself.
  15. Like i said previously, those that believe in flushing will offer you these type of reasons as to why they are absolutely correct. Those that believe the other side will offer words just as convincing. it comes to down to what you believe in, and what you find out for yourself by experience.

    What do you say to those that do not flush and produce awesome tasting, non chemical tasting weed?

    Flushing is something the nute companies WANT you to do, why? Because you use more nutes. More $$$ in their pockets. I don't know anyone that flushes their veggies, and home grown veggies taste AWESOME.
  16. me go with that water them before 10 to 12 days
  17. A friend of mine used to grow back in the day and I'll never forget the one plant that got nutes very close to harvest... it tasted like carrots.

    Hey, if ya like carrots go for it. I do but not in my herb.

  18. I agree with what this cat said. I didn't know how long to flush, but I do know that according to botany, nutrients are absorbed in to the plant tissues by the root system and remain there unless the plant is given a chance to cleanse with pure water.
    I've smoked unflushed bud. It crackles loudly and doesn't have a pure taste. Kinda just like hot tarry smoke. Unflushed veggies are different because you dont smoke them. I say you can tell the difference. The taste of good herb is undeniable.
  19. haha its the truth, unflushed bud is usually beasters. if you live near canada you know what i mean. the stuff is no good. flush for a while. Read the cannabible 3 jason king goes into depth about how he recommends a 6 week flush. this is pretty extreme, but try to get most of those gross nutrients out of your precious smokables.
  20. Heh most of the nutes you get in plant food your body uses too.

    Has anyone tried both on the same strain?

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