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how long till plants show ther sex

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by buzo, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. hi gc. i have 4 plants they have been flowering for 9 days now.
    how long till they show ther sex

    my light 400w hps

    thank again gc
  2. Depends on strain and how long u veg'. I have had some show signs of sex n 3 or 4 days and as much as 2 weeks. They will show any day now. Patient's...i dont have it either:smoking:
  3. strain 2x afgan kush 5 weeks old
    strain 2x orange bud 4 and a half weeks
  4. should be happening shortly, the pistils your looking for are much smaller than most photo's show at the start, easy to miss to the untrained eye
  5. How long did you veg? All my plants show sex in veg with preflower around week 3 from germination. Never had a strain not show sex by preflower by day 28 from germination.
  6. Sounds to me like your doing something wrong. Plants don't show sex until they are entering the flowering phase.
  7. I don't think you've ever grow...

    I also choose my plants by PRE FLOWERING

    By the way some plants show there sex only after 7-8 weeks of veg
  8. Ya I always sex in Veg aswell. A plant will not show its sex tho until it has reached maturity, in veg or in flowering. In my past experience 1 to 3 months in veg is long enough for pistils to start showing. Hope that helps.
  9. some pics might help:smoke:
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  10. right you are sir

    but lets keep it more straight up ok preflowers usually determine sex(if you have bad eyes get a microscope) and you can determine it from as early as the first month

    but there are certain factors if you screw up and stress your plant you can make that her a he-she or a him

    just take care of those bitches like your babies :smoke:
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  11. Indeed. I've just found a female preflower in the middle of week 6, others are starting to grow but aren't identifiable yet.
  12. yes pay attention to those bitches.

    just a little lack of mind can let a male thrive amongst the femmes.

    some things i do to make 'em go': water with luke warm water, add nutes high in PK especially K, keep temperatures between 70-85 F, use red and blue lights, add some carbon by pouring three cups of sugar and a teaspoon of yeast to a liter of water. OH and make sure the chamber is sealed so NO light enters in the dark time .

    if your plant is rootbound transplant carefully to a larger container, if soil is not drying fast add more perlite. transplanting is a good time to adjust your soil composition
  13. Just for a quick correction... and sorry to just jump in the this thread... abuse cannot turn a female plant to a male. Impossible from a scientific point of view. BUT both females and males can become hermaphroditic.

    I work for a hemp breeder who creates new hybrids and he was explaining all this stuff to me a little while back...

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