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How long til i pass test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kels77, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Stats:145 lbs
    height: 5'8"
    Age: 24
    usage: 1 gram weekly on average via firecracker edibles and .3 grams weekly on average via vaporizer for 2 months. for 4 months before that, i smoked .15-.25 grams weekly on average.
    I'm currently doing twice weekly weight lifting and yoga once a week to try to slowly lose fat.
    Whats the soonest i can pass, and worse case scenario, whats the latest i can pass.

  2. I think the reason nobody's answered your question is because there's a bajillion other threads on here with this exact same question. Because this is your second post here and you seem to be in a panic, I'll answer your question.
    Well, I can't even answer your question because you didn't even say how long it's been since you last smoked. Good luck.
  3. well at the time of the original posting, i had been 3 days clean
  4. You're screwed.
  5. Buy Quickfix plus. Synthetic urine sounds like your best bet. All you need to do is keep the temp between 90-100 on the temp strip and you're golden. Worked for me earlier this month at LabCorp
  6. You're in highschool without a doubt and 99% sure you're underage

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  7. You may be able to pass in two weeks or up to six weeks.  Get some cheap THC test strips and test yourself each week and you'll know about how long it takes you to clean up for future tests.  Your weight loss program needs tweaking.
  8. I would say that you could be able to pass in just 1 more week. what you would need to do is excersise and burn fat like crazy a couple of days, but about 1-2 days before stop excersising, at a lot of high fat foods, and drink as much water as you can before the test (arround 30 min). I'm not 100% sure that you would pass because it varies a lot from person to person, and it could vary to the point where your pee may be dirty for whole months, just relax because there is no reason someone will randomly drug test you, and odds are you will be clean in under 2 weeks, even probably in 1.
    Thanks, and also thanks to the other helpful posters here.  There is not much urgency, but I am just curious since there may be a chance i transition to another job.  worse case scenario i would just try to drink like a fish and get inconclusive (not sure of exact term here) results.  But if i could clean up in a month that would be alright
  10. Cardio is more important than lifting your should run for an hour a day or so along with the weights and yoga

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