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How long T break?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Calicoon420, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. New to the forums, always looked through them never made an account until today. Anyways, I guess I'm considered a light weight smoker cause I always get high but I've noticed my highs aren't as intense anymore. For the past month I've been smoking almost everyday, always get high off of one bowl but my highs aren't as intense as I've said before so I'm wondering how long of a t break I should take. I exercise everyday and have a pretty fast metabolism. Does 5-8 days work?
  2. Yes that would get the job done

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  3. I get a lot of excersise at work and im pretty skinny with a high metabolism. 2 weeks usually does the trick for me. Been smoking for a year and a half and ive only had to take 2 t breaks. And its worth the wait. Trust me :)

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  4. tolerance breaks are pointless if you know youll be getting back into your regular toking habits.

    youll only have a low tolerance if you limit your smoking to like 3-4 seshes a week. even less.

    some people develop tolerances while others seem to never have one. personally, i can take a 2 month toke break after smoking all day everyday and the only high thats noticeably stronger is the first high after the break.

    you wanna know a good way to keep your tolerance down while still getting high? smoke quality dank for a week, then buy some cheap outdoor or lows-mids to lower your tolerance for a week. keep switching qualities of buds, youll notice you wont develop a ridiculous tolerance

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