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How long should you hold your hits?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 476945, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I've always been under the impression that you're supposed to hold your hits to get the most out of each one, but I've also read that it doesn't actually make a difference. I remember someone on on this forum posted about a study that said holding your hits longer than two seconds was pointless, but I'm not quite sure I'm remembering it properly.

    So yeah, how long should you hold them? I only ask because the doctors found a small hole in my left lung (had nothing to do with marijuana according to them); they expect it to heal on its own (if it hasn't already) but I don't want to take any risks by holding my hits in longer than is needed.
  2. Almost all of the THC is absorbed as soon as it hits your lungs so a good rule of thumb I have is just take my toke, swallow, and exhale. keeps me pretty consistent with 2-3 seconds max. Really holding it any longer isnt doing you any good at all. Just killing off brain cells due to lack of oxygen.

  3. Is it same with joints? Like inhale, swallow, exhale?
  4. Swallow? What the hell
  5. Yeah swallowing doesn't really help get you high and sometimes results in me burping out smoke and shit. Usually I try and hold in tokes for as long as possible.
  6. take a hit, slowly inhale, wait a second and slowly exhale.
  7. I hold hits in as long as possible, the longer the better, lol.
  8. Holding hits is overrated, and also much more damaging to your lungs. 2 seconds should do just fine.
  9. How about some actual science, gents? No need to guess! :smoke:

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  10. Granny...I dont know what I do with you.
  11. Be lost in a sea of ignorance and misinformation? lol
  12. Holding a hit in for any longer than three or four seconds is overdoing it imo.

  13. It's weed dude. Not crack. :smoke:
  14. Yeah I don't like the whole swallow after a hit thing. Don't like burping up smoke later down the road....

    As for holding it in, depends on how you smoke it. If it's a bong rip, hold that shit for at least a few seconds. Bowls too. As for joints and blunts where you can just keep hittin time and time again, it dont matter
  15. It depends sometimes i hold my hits till theirs no smoke or puff taking little hits and any variation in between.
  16. True that any breath duration will get you baked. I just like ghosting tokes sometimes and it seems to get me extra ripped with chronic bud.
  17. I smoked with a 'super star' of the weed movement a few weeks ago & he said inhale & exhale like a cig. Otherwise, holding it in, can do harm to your lungs over a period of time.
  18. Hold it for about 3 seconds and breathe in through your nose after you toke, helps push the smoke down into your lungs. Definitely do not swallow though. That's dumb, you don't want smoke in your stomach, you want it in your lungs.
  19. Who was it?
  20. From my understanding 99% of the THC is absorbed on impact of the lungs... HOWEVER the other active ingredients (such as cbd and cbn) are absorbed slightly slower, from what I've heard 8 seconds of holding a hit = full exhaustion of any usable material... I hold my hits for 5 seconds if I feel like it, but 2 or 3 three usually does the trick, it is BY NO MEANS NECESSARY to hold you hits to get high, hate it when people tell me that.

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