how long should i vegetate for? 3/ 4ft CFL's [pics]

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    OK I'm planning to have 8 plants under a 600 HPS with blue spectrum.

    I'm vegging under 3/ 4ft CFL lights. 4 cool white and 2 day light

    My question is how long should i veg these plants until i throw them into the flowering area??

    also if you have any other pointers please post em.


  2. It all depends on how tall you want them to be when you harvest. Typically a plant will double to even triple in size in the first 5-6 weeks of flowering. So you want to veg according to height rather than a time period.

    Also, try and get those floros a little closer as those seedlings look to be stretching just slightly. Also, if you don't already, I would suggest having a fan lightly blowing on those seedlings to strengthen the stems.
  3. Ditto get those like an inch or two from those babys? Or get some Compact floros down on those babys so they don't stretch. lumen get weaker by the inch. they keep stretching your gonna need sticks to hold them up. if you want them to be more like a bush you can wait til your plant puts out the sets of leaves the newest set pinch tem off and it will prduce mor tops. some wait until the plant grows couple growth nodes and takes a good clone. would only do that if you know you have female plants. no sense in cloning boys.
    are you using feminized seeds if not half or more or less could be boys or girls. so be prepared. I am doing my first grow I'm flowering right now. I started 5 plants 2 didn't survive 2 boys one girl. I topped her so she branched out she has 5 tops. now this is not true on all grows but my boys were the biggest strongest plants I had. My female seemed to have retarded growth. It actually stopped growing before I topped it two days later it took off.

  4. got the fan but i got a noisy one so i have to go back. ill lower the lights.

    do you have an estimated time? like a month or 6 weeks? looking to follow the average

    not feminized and ill lower the lights. like i asked above. whats the average time with cfls.

  5. That really depends on pretty much every factor that goes into growing... i.e strain, soil, lights, water, co2, nutrients, etc... But it shouldn't take more than 8 weeks to get your plant somewhere between 1-2 ft. But like I said, only veg until you get a height that you could manage if the plant doubles or triples in size.
  6. ok thanks ,

    so is the average 1-2 ft of veg? then flower? im just looking for the average info. I know a lot of people are going to say strain,nutes,etc but i just want to know the height or time other people use so i can pull from that.
  7. Is the strain Indica or Sativa dominant?....Do you know what strain it is?

    How long is the flowering period?
  8. I veg under 4ft. fluoros. NO MORE than 4 WEEKS. Any longer and they will be too tall.

    3 weeks is ok. but 4 is preferable.

    5 is ok MAYBE but 4 is preferable.

    Get my drift?

    2 aint good enough. 6 is too much.

  9. purple kush is the strain

    thanks , this is what i was looking for. anyone else with this type of answer??
  10. anyone else got some info for me on this?
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  12. a little off topic, but i would suggest getting all your plants at the same level and moving that light down a bit, they are gonna stretch bad
  13. the lights have been moved down a while ago and thanks for the help.

    I started to vefg on the 5th of this month and might be going into flower in 1 week or so.
  14. my area is 5 feet tall and my pot/light space is 1 1/2 feet this leaves 3 1/5 feet for plants, so i veg until they are 2 feet and tie them down and let flower after that :)
  15. Im in a similar situation as above. I usually try to veg for 4 weeks, sometimes the seedlings have troubles though (for me) and it ends up being like 6 weeks. Vegging for that long usually gives me plants about 2' tall or so, vegging all under floros and CFLs. (same with flowering).
  16. times vary too much, sizes when to flower are solid :) it may take him 3 weeks, you 6 weeks, me 40 weeks....who knows, everyone's plants, techniques and climate are different, and thus growth times are as well :) if it takes you 6 weeks, i wouldn't worry....sure its not super fast, but your plants are healthy (i assume) and they grow and do their thing, so your winning :) you can fine tune later.
  17. Follow the great advice given and drop the lights down almost on the leaves.

    Vegetate them until they have a decent root structure in the cubes.

    Transplant them into the Flower chamber and VEG them under your flowering wattage.
    (Seriously.. give them at least a week MINIMUM before switching to 12/12. It gives the plant time to adjust leaf growth for the more intense lighting)

    With a 600W HPS you're looking at keeping the light approximately 18" away from the tops of the plant. Your plants are also going to about double or triple in size depending on the strain.

    If you don't have the room for it, consider going with LST to keep the plant height even and the final light height at end of harvest low.

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