how long should i veg OG?

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  1. yo whats up everyone im growing 5 og kush clones in dr earth soil under 150watt hps. i was wondering how long i should veg for and if i should top them. so far ive been veging for 4 weeks, 3 weeks under clfs and 1 week under a 150 hps :smoke:

    the pic is of my veg room i have a bigger flowering room but will use the same 150watt hps. how can i get the best use out of my hps? i was wondering if a sog would be a good idea.

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  2. veg them bad girlz 4 horse hairs longer than a pizza brush n chuck me a bacon butty
  3. Your using the same light in 2 rooms? How do u pull that off
  4. Yup you guessed it, scrog is the most efficient in the growing world.
  5. done vegging moved onto flowering now....i moved the hps into a bigger grow room and replaced my veging room lights with cfls
  6. Hook us up with some pics if you can man!
  7. so u veg for 2 months ?
  8. Look into purchasing a 400w light. It will help you produce bigger yields if you plan on using ScrOG. It is the best way to produce the most out of your plant.

  9. thanks man. ill keep that in mind for next grow

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