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How long should I have a t break for?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Crackhead420, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. I used to smoke once a week for a couple of years (back when I was in school) only once a day. I didnt smoke anymore than that because I thought smoking the night before school would effect my education. I finished school forever a couple of months ago. Since Ive finished I started smoking ridiculous amounts of weed everyday. In the past month Ive only been smoking like once a day so ive cut down to that and in the past week ive cut down to every couple of days (due to a lack of money) but now I got my paycheck so I bought a couple of grams and a couple of edibles. I want to cut down to smoking once a week but that seems really boring. I want to cut down because I cant really afford it and whenever I get high I only feel it slightly and I really miss the munchies. I used to laugh at everything and food tasted like heaven but now I just get tired and bored, no euphoria. (Maybe cause my last batch was an indica). But still I feel addicted and if I get a buddy to hold my weed for me until a week passes so my tolerance goes down Id still just buy a new bag. If I quit for a week and smoke only twice a week will I get the crazy highs and major munchies again? Thanks and sorry for the long rant
  2. I feel like a months t break would be impossible with this bag of dank sitting next to me and my friends constantly asking me to come and smoke.
  3. I usually take a t break from 11 PM to 8 PM the next day.  Unless of course it's the weekend, then I just let loose.
  4. Yeah, it's kind of hard to stay commited to a t break when you have grams of fire bud lying around your house.
    If your serious, I'd say take at least 1-2 months off weed completely. Make sure you don't have any weed laying around as you will crack and smoke a bowl when your at home feeling particularly bored.

    After u finish the break, try not to have too much weed with you. You sound like you want to use moderately, so buy a moderate amount. I'd say maybe an 8th a month... That may seem very little to most of the ppl on gc, but then again they're all raging potheads :)

    Good luck my friend

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  5. @Forked up, sounds like an easy break ;) @tam, I couldnt go a month haha I might take up that idea of an 8th a month after no bud for a week! And I know its like that fires begging to be smoked :p
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