How long/often to run the Air pump/stone

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  1. I have a few plants that i put in 4" net pots and they sit in a 2 gallon bucket... The Roots are about a foot long and lay in the bottom of the bucket.. I Have a 2" air stone that I have been running 24 hrs... Does it need to run that much or can I run say 15 mins per hr or something like that??? Since the roots are in the water the plant is always getting water even though the rootball is not in the water.. I know the bubbles give the plant oxygen..
    Any suggestions... I have also been running my exhaust fan  24 hrs but going to cycle that till I find a ratio that keeps the smell down

  2. I dont know your set up but tend to not change a thing when it is going good.
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    As stated above, not sure of your setup? If it's dwc then leave the air pumping 24/7, period.

    In terms of the exhaust fans - I used to run mine 24/7 just for the co2 exchange more than anything, but have since timed them to run only with the lights.. I had an "a ha" moment and remembered that the girls don't use co2 when the lights are out, duh! LoL
    Not too worried about the smells - it's like POTpourri and it's free! LoL

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