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  1. Hey :)
    This is my 1st post under this u/name so i feel a little cheeky asking for advice already but needs and musts and all that ..

    the following is a pic of a plant that my friend has (somehow) grown .. she put up with a lot of abuse and finally she seems to be ripening :D

    the questions i need to ask .. 1. how long do u think she has to go? she has been flowering for approx 1.5 mnths or so (rough guess, this isnt my plant)
    2. any ideas on the strain? (longshot i know)
    3. is this the most abused looking plant you have ever seen? :)

    any replies / comments are appreciated, take it easy ~CK~

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  2. 2nd pic ...

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  3. Ave. I am sorry, I cannot give any info on the plant, I am a newbie to all of this, (proud of it...;-)) what I am writing for is in regard to the signature you have at the bottom of your posts... I have a few questions: Do you have a social security number? (retorical) do you pay taxes (also retorical as You do, along with everyone else who goes to the store, unfortunately this cannot be avoided unless you shoplift, which is the more honorable thing to do if you 'shop' at waly world aka wal-mart or any of the china owned corporations...nother story) and have you read the agreement your parents signed as your mother was being rushed down the hall into the er? if not, perhaps you should, as they reserve the right to, at any time, at the sole discretion of the 'system' to implant into the child (you) a chip. (self explanitory.) perhaps I will dig through my files and copy it down for your reading.... now I know what your saying, about you having the right to put into your body what you choose, but according to the black and white, (which is what everyone abides by, and has accepted as 'ok' unless of course it happens that it is not in their own best interest, as everyone has begun looking out for themselves first, and putting others to the side until its convienent for them) you do not own you....just as if you have a license plate, you do not own your car, you are just taking care of it for 'them' the people whom gave you the number and permission to walk 'freely' about on this earth. it all can beeasily refuted but not by many... perhaps you are aware of this, and so this post will be for those who dont, I encourage those ones to read up on it although its allready to late to change anything, its in the history books by now, and the only hope is blood shed,...or the upcoming polar shift, unfortunately they are prepared and dishonor will prevail, till the univers gets sucked into a worm hole and they all get crushed like the insects they really are....but that set aside....its interesting reading non the less. ... I have a buddy that proved in the 'supreme' courts that he owns everything, (including the chip your walking around with) and for it he was thrown in jail for 90 a warning of course....and also has about 2 billion dollars owed to him by the feds (as he owns it, hes actually owed there whole money making system...but you get the point)...which he will never see....(obviousl reasons...dishonor) point being is refuted if one is knowledgable..easily, but for those who dont know how, do not own themselves, they are merely taking care of themselves for the infamous 'they'......

    have a good night.

    Ave atque vale

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  4. byt the last post is sort of intended for practice purposes for myself....I need it in the writing field, and it can be quite fun at nothing personal....i suppose you can call me a leech, I saw a chance to suck, so I did....bad example...i saw an I took it.....ITS ALL PRACTICE PEOPLE...


  5. phew ::wipes forehead::

    pretty scarey stuff i'm sure you'll agree, i'm glad i'm from England :)

  6. Thats even worse my freind...we are just a smaller version of your system,.... ;-)
  7. Thanks Woody, Shes earmarked for execution Sunday :)

    On a side note .. My friend now has some Thai seeds, I understand that this is a Sativa strain so it will grow taller and take longer to finish, does anyone have any tips or experiences to share with regard to Thai or even Sativa's in general?

    Thank you for any help, ~CK~

    PS - We need to be able to post pictures larger than 100k!
  8. Must agree with Woody, Hashplant. I have one in my greenhouse with very similar qualities. I would also concure with the great one, butcher that bad boy, dry, twist it, try it. Let me know. I am curious if hashbud was right. Looks good!!!
  9. Hmmm... Do u think it would be a bad idea to try to grow 2 Thai plants in a small room, hight is no more than 5 /5.5 foot really :/ (although, thats total 'space' not occupied by a bulky lighting system)

    Woody, goodluck with your grow, although I'm sure you dont actually need it!

    Thanks for the replies :)

    I'll post a pic of the trimmed plant in the next few days, as its been abused for most of its short life I'm not expecting a bumper harvest but anythings better than nothing .. Take it easy fellas (and women of ganja .. mieow) :)

  10. As promised .. The pant got chopped a day or two ago, here are the pics of the bud we managed to glean from it ..

    As expected, no records have been broken!

    1st shot is of the whole lot (off the one plant)

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  11. And heres a picture of the largest bud off the plant ..

    Still ... somethings better than nothing!

    Take it easy :)


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  12. how much did you end up gettin of them? Looks like quite the nice harvest.

  13. Hmmm!! Do I detect a hint of sarcasm their Woody ?! :p

    As for the (ahem) yield ... at a guess I think somewhere between a 1/4 - 1/2 when its completly dry ... but who knows ...

    soon the thai will germinate .. hopefully!

    take it easy :)


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