How long is too long???

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  1. if i have plants flowering now for 2+ months and my strains are anywhere from 8-12 or so weeks to be "done", how long after that time does my bud lose quality? alot of my plants are "ready" but seem to be all the sudden FINALLY gettin all dense and lots of crystals. i gad a few problems w lights timers temps etc but now that all is well, plants are doin alot better. so should i cut or wait or? i only have a 30x illuminated microscope so i cant see all that well. it sux. but from what i see them lil things are clear with a ball on top...pls help. thank u:)
  2. Can you see if the lil balls on top are clear or kinda milky/cloudy? or orange/amber?
  3. they look clear to me ...
  4. If you flower a 12 week strain for 8 weeks then you have 4 more weeks to get to the cough lock stage.
  5. im talkin about a plant that has been flowering for however long it needs but has had a few issues that are now fixed. should i let grow or???
  6. ...and cough lock???
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    can you put some photos up? they need to be natural light, or lights off and use a flash. coloured light cocks up the colour
  8. ok let me try this again... i have plants that are 8 weeks to flower. they have been flowering for 8-9 weeks. how long until the buds start losing quality because they are still on the plant? theres been a few screwups w lights etc along the 8-9 weeks cuz its a new room:/ all is well now and the buds are lookin nice. j just hate to cut em if they are still growing and will get more dense n crystally cuz thats what they are finally doing:) so my question is do i cut or let em go a lil longer? should the lil spikes with balls on top look clear? these do. pls help. thx...
  9. I think everyone understood just fine mate, but without a photo essentially everyone is just guessing.. if the resin is still clear then it's not ready
  10. I don't see any amber trichomes in the " half amber/half cloudy" picture... Lol

  11. it can be tough to decide just when but i'd err on the side of let them go more.. that time the strain says it takes is never right..their done when they just are..i had patches of all 3..clear.. milky.. and amber..when i stopped seeing very much clear i started to harvest..tops 1st.. the bottems took another week to get to the same point.. all is kickass grade.. the early cola the cut worm cut loose was mostly clear and not near the kick of the stuff 3 weeks take some now..keep track of how it looks under the scope..wait a week.. take more ..wait till you see plenty of amber to take the last half of the plant.. then you'll have a selection of strengths to try out..and know next harvest what your after..

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