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How long is too long to have a piece?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I've had my bubbler (see my gallery, that's it when it was relatively new, two days, four bowls in or so) four about five months now and have smoked out of it on and off pretty much every day, 1 - 2 bowls a day, rarely more.

    Anyways, it gets pretty disgusting real quickly and have used the epson salt, alcohol method to clean it thoroughly. I might use baking soda next time to absorb some of the smell as I don't like the smell of old, burnt weed/bong water which tends to accumulate and strengthen over time.

    Anyways, i realized that the only time I've ever had to buy a piece is when I've accidentally broken my old one, but this is the longest i've gone without breaking one since I've only been smoking regularly for about a year now. But I realized that having this thing for any longer than two years might be a little unrealistic as it might start tasting like ass by then, who knows.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? How old is your oldest piece? or how old was the piece you had for the longest before it broke, got sold, disappeared, etc.? How old is too old?
  2. you can never have a glass pipe to long.

    i have a little spoon thats one year old, bubbler thats 4months old or less, and a roor thats less then a month old.
  3. just use the alcohol and salt method, that cleans my piece perfect, even gets the smell out.

    let it sit in the alcohol for like 20 minutes, then shake it around like crazy, then let it sit, and just repeat over and over again until it's clean.

    there was just a sale on alcohol by my house, it was .80 for a bottle. i bought 6!
  4. I don't think there is such a thing as "too long" to have a piece, only too short. I dunno, I've become attached to my bong. It's served me well so I see no reason to get rid of it.
  5. Longest i have had a peice was probably a year or so until it broke. (i still have it, its just... broke lol)

    I am an impulse buyer, so if im in the headshop picking up something and i see a peice of glass i like, i will usually buy it if i have money.

    There isnt a "Too Old" but there is a "Too Dirty"
  6. I've had my little yellow bong for almost 3 years.


    I hope to have it for the rest of my life. I have all my pieces in a closet on a shelf and I clean them with alcohol and table salt mostly. While the pieces have the slightest resin smell, it doesn't make the closet smell like resin at all and the door stays closed.

    I started using 91% alcohol and I do notice a difference in ease of cleaning and smell.

    Diamond, If you jump back in here I have a follow up to our old cleaning discussion with debauch. Since I've been using the 91% alcohol I do not have any rings in my roor and I don't have to shake the living shit out of it either. I should have been using that all along.

  7. That looks super clean and I've only been using 78 percent, so I will definately take your advice on that, thanks dbw. +rep
  8. And if you want to clean it faster, heat up the alcohol in the microwave. But watch it because it boils quick, once its hot as hell, use it like normal. It should come off even faster.
  9. Ah, so you were using the 70% or whatever too? Heh, i figured that was the X factor that was keeping us behind.

    I almost picked some up @ Marsh (local store) when i saw the 91% and it was the same price as the 70%. Next time i need to clean my peices, i will DEF be using the higher shit.

    Is the diff. really THAT much? ((ease of cleaning))
  10. ahaha, no, no freakin way on god's green earth am I doing that. that sounds like it would cause a fire very easily if I wasn't careful doing that, lol. But thanks, yeh, thanks . . . :hide:
  11. I can put a tiny bit of alcohol in my bowl and rub it around with my finger and all resin comes out. I didn't wash one of my bowls for a week and it came right out without even using the salt as an abrasive. I still use salt when I need to clean the inside of the stem or bong and I do notice a significant difference.
  12. hey, quick/wierd question you could probably clean your piece with everclear right?

    just curious, used to drink it at parties, but i wont touch it now adays, not since i broke my ankle lol
  13. that stuff so hard to find around here, i rather throw shine at it then drinking alcohol that i paid for.
  14. u can also soak it in oxyclean for a night or a whole day, and rinse it off after

    i know when i used to have an a.d.s. perc thats what i would usually do cause it was a pain to clean out, but i still use oxyclean with some of my bongs if im feeling lazy and just want to soak it
  15. lol Yes you could. I mean it's like 95% pure grain alcohol or something like that. It is cheaper to buy rubbing alcohol but I honestly would probably use it if I didn't have anything else.

    Man I haven't drank everclear since college. Good memories but bad, bad vomit. :D

    edit: I don't really like oxiclean as a non fabric cleaner. I always find this weird slick residue on the bowls I use to mix the powder with water. I normally clean my pieces when I'm blasted and that slick feeling just freaks me out t0o much. :(

  16. yeah thats pretty much what i mean, because i had a bottle a while back n after breaking my ankle i wasnt about to drink it.

    OMFG, when i go to my dads house all their dishes/cups are like that. I really hate that texture. Although im not entirely sure were talking about the same thing
  17. I've had my bowl for 10 months. Dropped it on a wooden deck once, it didn't break. I've probably smoked (30x10=300x3 bowls a day on average..) 1000 or so bowls out of it. I dig it alot. Nicknamed "Rez" because it collects more resin than any other bowl I've ever seen.
  18. i had a glass spoon for about 3 years, it was really sick, ill try to explain it. it had a carb the size of a penny first of all. there was this hole in the center that had a glass thing curving from one side of the spoon through the hole to the other side of the spoon. anyways point is it was sick and my cousin broke it and he paid me and i beat the shit oputta him anyways. what im saying is if youve had a piece for that long its got intrisical value, hang onto it but get a backup piece.

  19. Ive done it, no risk of fire. I actually put it for like a a minute and a half only to find out that 2/3s of the alcy had boiled over. And I only did it this way because my bong was a bitch to clean, even with salt, this just like melted the grime off. But whatever, just suggesting an easier way.
  20. WOW i have a bong thats green and blue that looks just like that (size and shape)!

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