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how long for smell to go away

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2good4u, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. hi i just smoked a gram or 2 or something and im at my parents house right now visiting.i went outside and smoked it just now and im wondering how long it would take for the smell to go away. i cant really think to good right now and it took me like 10 mintes to right this so i cant really think of anything lse to add
  2. I think if you smoked outside, you should be fine.
  3. k i only asked the question cause all i can smell on me is pot. i shouldnt of smoked here cause now im really paranoid because all i think of is waking up and my parents coming dwn and smelling it
  4. You'll be good man. I promise.
  5. k thanks
  6. first of all, i doubt you smoked 2 grams, second of all, was it a bowl or a joint?
  7. It really varries depending on the weather. If it's windy, it's fine. If it's kinda warm it will linger for a while but they probably wont know where it's coming from if they smell it.
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    Maybe it's just me but I noticed when I smoke outside in the cold the smell seems to stick to me more and other ppl notice.
  9. I was doubting that myself
  10. Yeah dude you'll be fine. Its even safe to take a few hits in your room if you breathe the smoke into an old shirt or something and spray some smell good shit.
  11. why dont you guys believe i smoked 2 grams? its wat i usually smoke when im by myself and it was a joint
  12. Having personally smoked a half ounce in one sitting before, I believe you.
  13. No offense man but a 2 gram joint is a little shady.

    But back to your original question you'll be fine don't worry about it. I smoke in my room all the time I just turn on the fan and open up the windown. In 10 minutes my parents don't notice anything if they walk in. If you were outside you are fine.
  14. Not too hard to roll a 2 gram joint...I can't do it by hand. I need my roller to do it, but it can be done easily with the resources. The j that my friend rolled last night by hand was a little under 2 grams (because thats all we had left) and it didn't look ridiculous. Not trying to start an argument, just saying it doesn't sound unreasonable, you know?

    Keep Smokin', Mik :bongin:
  15. its bin like 8 hours and i think i dont smell like it anymore but all i can taste now is it but oh well
  16. all you have to do is put a few papers together unless you got big ones
  17. altoids, breath mints, mouthwash, or brushing your teeth will eliminate that problem. :D hope that helps!

    Keep Smokin', Mik :bongin:
  18. Yeah i'd be surprised if someone packed 2g's into one joint, thats bigger than the blunts i roll:D Thats one hella fatty.

    Anyway, your fine if its been 8 hours man, dont let the weed make you paranoid, gotta watch out for that.

    After 8 hours your completely sober, if you smoked it. So you should be fine anyway.
  19. I have smoked before work and the minute I finished i went right into work, they didnt notice anything I just sprayed axe all over my self. some of the weed smokers there knew I was blowed but all in all I did not get into any trouble.

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