how long for seeds to germ?

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  1. Wud up blades. Ok here's the story. I got some seeds from some dank I got once upon a time. amazing stuff. The problem is, these seeds are old. about 6 years old. They've been stored in an airtight container in the dark the whole time. Just put them into germ last night using the paper towel method. How long should it take for the beans to pop? When should I chalk them up to a lost cause (too terrible to contemplate, the strain is just that awesome)?
  2. Dude, your being way too impatient. It takes like a day to germinate.

    And do you even understand how common of a question this is? You couldn't have google searched it?
  3. ^^^ Ya I know, but most of these places don't take into account the age of the seeds I have. I know it will take atleast a day or two, but I'm wondering how long is too long. 4 days? 5 days? At what point are they dead?

  4. I would give up at 11.24 days ...

  5. lol. Thanks Mr. Bubbles. How's you thing goin? I pop in on your grow every once in a while. I love the cleanliness and organization of your area. I'll have to get some pics of my CFL fixture. Same idea as what you use for your seedlings/clones, but on a lrger scale for full veg and flower growth. I'm running 18 26W CFLs for a total of 468 watts and 30,600 lumens. I'll get ou some pics soon if I remember. Gonna finish the last detains tonght on the setup. Then the rest is up to God, so to speak....

  6. My grow is going great, I am going to post some updates this weekend. I would love to see some shots of your CFL FIXTURE. Not a day goes by when I don't say I should be using that damn CFL fixture to VEG.
  7. I understand... Well since their old expect it to take anywhere from 2 days to 10 days. I once had very nice seeds from Amsterdam, and they germinated in 24 hours. I then germinated seeds that were around 2 years old, and they germinated in 4 days.

    So I'm guessing that it will take longer for you. I don't think seeds go bad, as long as their in a proper container. They should germinate, and you never know, it could be rare genetics because of its age.
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    Sorry for the book, but I figure I needed to type this sooner or later for an upcoming journal, so I just went ahead and got it of the way. Again, I apologize for the great length.

    Exactly. See, I got newer bagseed I could use and I know WOULD germ. But this stuff... Its just something all its own. When I was in college, getting dank nugs wasn't a problem. Actually, finding any mids or schwagg was a problem. If you didn't want high grade, tough. lol. I got bag after bag of nyc diesel for years. But one time my boy was out of stock. No diesel, no blueberry, nothing. I dropped in at a party and he told me he didn't have any right now, but I should talk to this other guy who was there. He pulls out this bud that was just weird looking. It was more light green/white than anything I'd ever seen before. Almost no red hairs. And it had couple seeds. I wasn't all that impressed by the bag appeal, but was in a drought so beggars couldn't be choosers. This guy was talkin this shit up like Jesus himself made this herb. Whatever tho. Dealers do that. They are salesmen after all. So I hang for a while and go home a spark a bowl. Well, I think Jesus himself did hand this one down. Very cerebral, yet relaxing. I finished smoking and the next morning came out of my room and looked at the seeds sitting on the table and knew I would never find this stuff again. I had only one option.; grow it. And grow it I did... sorta. lol. This was way back in the day, November of 02. Information sources like GC didn't really exist yet. finding good info on the net was impossible. lol. I vegged for about 4 weeks under a grand total of 160 watts of fluoro's. For 8 plants! I had to more or less abandon them for a month during Christmas break. I had switched to 12/12 but when I left I couldn't tell for sure which ones were male/female. I made a raft in my bathtub to keep the "pots" (4 qt. rectanglular ziplock tupperware... ya I know) just at water level so they would survive. When I got back, the males had popped and the females were seeded. There were buds, but not big ones. I was there less than a week and had to chop them down cause company was coming that couldn't be avoided. I got like an 1/8 off 4 females. Sad. And an ass load of seeds. Took it home with and smoked up my boys later on. The funny thing is... these guys couldn't stop talking about it! And these were guys that got good stuff too. Its still talked about with my friends! Now I can't let this strain go. so I'm trying again before the seeds get too old. This time I'm doing it right. I've been researching for months and got a respectable setup. No miracle grow soil this time (I don't know how they survived that). No shitty inadequate lights. No worthless nutes. And no 4 week flowering period. They just have to pop.

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