How long does your dealer go dry?

Discussion in 'General' started by Skywalker298, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. My guy has been dry for 4 damn days now I need to just go on a tbreak or find someone else.I'd grow but I dont want to get caught at my parents house.How long does your dealer nornally go dry?
  2. he doesnt. but still, its 4 days man just kick back and relax. life goes on, a break every now and then is good for you. 
  3. or a break can be bad for you, because smoking weed kicks ass
  4. My dealers never gone dry :DSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  5. My guy never goes dry. He has a few different people he gets his product from.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  6. Dude that's badass, so I guess its like an actual business for him and he takes it seriously?
    I mean most dealers just sell and dont well give a fck I mean they just have poor service.
  7. I have about 3 main dealers that are never dry, they reup before they run out. And then I have my backup dealers which are usually never dry as well
  8. Yea he is serious about his business. If he goes dry, he ain't making money. He works a full time job too. Gotta find someone else or get a connect from him cause he is moving in the next few weeks about an hour and half away. Best dealer I've had so far.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  9. As a grower not a dealer I have weed, but like now its still alive and growing. I could make some hash real quick from some trim, there is about a pound in the freezer.
  10. the dealers i know wouldnt be able to pay their bills or their rent if they went dry.
  11. Was it expensive to set up?
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    About the price of an ounce, 1,000w grow light and 2 bulbs $200 , pots and soils less than $50 , good seeds $50
    An ounce of kick ass cost me less then $10 to grow.
    Im going to preach to all of you to grow your own if you can.
  13. Do you think it if I would say want to grow in my backyard and have alittle small set up not too much it would still be as expensive?
    I grew 3 plants last summer into fall that cost nothing, I watered them with the rest of the garden and got a half pound of bud from each one. they were 8 feet tall but you can top and train them so they dont look like a tree. :D
  15. Dam dude! But could you smell it from yards away?
    No, it did not start stinking big till I had it all hanging up to dry in the house.
    here is a picture, now imagine 3 times this much.
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  17. That's why I have 3 dealers round the clock.

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  18. Do you ever get worried about police?
    I'm a legal medical grower in the legal State of Washington. So no, I don't worry a bit. Have my papers hanging in my grow room.
  20. Damn lol, but what about the growing process is that difficult or challenging at all? I guess life is good for snoopdogg isnt it

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