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How long does weed take to hit you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Openended, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I was just wondering how long it takes your hits to get to you. I'm wondering, because I read all of these "First time" stories, and they always say they take way too many hits because they don't feel like they're high, and then they get really high by accident because they took too many hits.

    For me, my hits all hit me after about 15 seconds. It always seems to take longer to hit my friends.
  2. Takes about 10 minutes before I am at full flagstaff (don't know wtf that means lol)

    I got a big tolerance though
  3. It takes about 5-10 minutes for me. Except when I take a really huge hit from a bong I feel it pretty much instantly.
  4. Depends on the bud, the size of the hit, and the method I used to get high. ie bong, joint, vape. But if its a gnarly hit I can feel it coming on after about the time I exhale. It's just like oooooh im gonna be high. However, if its just an average hit I don't really feel the effects for a couple minutes.

    As for someone talking about their first time getting high its because at first they don't know what signs to look for so they don't realize they are getting high until they are so high its smacking them in the face. :poke:
  5. I usually "feel it" after 30 seconds to a minute, but it's not in full effect until five to ten minutes.

  6. It hits me almost instantly, so as soon as i Put down the bong or vape im pretty high, maybe not at the highest point but im deff high haha.:smoke:
  7. If it's a good hit and good weed like as soon as I exhale.
  8. For me it takes about 5 minutes to reach the "peak" of my high :smoke: I feel it after i exhale though but dont reach the full effect until 5 or 10 minutes after.
  9. Yep, I get those sometimes. I usually smoke my buddies out, so I take large hits and make sure to hold my shit in for a few seconds, so I'm not wasting my weed.

    I had a friend smoke with me once for his first time, and he literally exhaled right after taking the hit! I was like "Damn, you're wasting the weed." Hate that.

    That's probably also why it hits me faster, I hit my weed like it's my job since I figure I paid money for it, might as well get my moneys worth.
  10. Same here :smoke:
  11. One hit if your smoking the good shit
  12. If I smoke a joint it definitely takes 5-10 minutes to hit me,
    a pipe even less, but if there is kief or hash in there it will be equal to
    bongs, with which I feel it within a few seconds if not instantly

    whoah just realized im really high right now, this took like 10 minutes to type
  13. I hold for like anywhere from 1-5 seconds, depends on the piece and mood I guess.

    I do find that some strains take a bit longer to come up to the peak of the high. Usually like with Indicas I feel them spreading through my body and the stone sorta 'sets in', with more Sativa or THC-rich strains, a good bong hit will give me a huge head rush, even make me sweat or clear my sinuses out a bit lol.

  14. Hash usually takes longer to hit me than weed. Its definately a stronger high but it comes up slow.
  15. In a sesh I'll do one bowl and say to my friends that I'm not high at all, then when I get to the second, I'm high...
  16. takes about 4:20 until it starts to kick in ;]
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  17. After the first hit I start to feel a buzz. One more hit and I am blazed.
    I love my tolerance :)
  18. Five to ten min. for maximum effect. BTW, some strains are known as "creeper" strains, which means the high takes a while to creep up on you.:)
  19. I'll usually feel a "cloudiness" a 10-15 seconds after I set down the bong, but I'm not peaking until about 5 minutes.
  20. 30 seconds is the onset, 5 minutes later is full on bakery. :)

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