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How long does weed stay in your system???

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Yolo1, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. K I am a new driver and I'm worried. So if I sesh the night b4 or a few days earlier will I blow over if I am tested or how does it work? Or if I get in a accident and they say oh little punk was probly high, and they test me and it's in me what will happen even if I wasn't high when the crash took place but it's in my system? Help!!'
  2. Calm down.
    A lot of factors go into the amount of time marijuana will stay in your system.
    Height, body fat, level of activity, how often you smoke ect.
    In general they say THC can store itself into your fat (since it's fat soluble) a stay there anywhere between 30-90 days. However, many are able to get it out much sooner than that. But again depending on many factors.

    It stays in your blood for a much less amount of time. Maybe a few days max.

    Not so sure about hair though, but no one really tests hair.
  3. So I I never drive while high, I always have a full night sleep b4 I will drive. So can police test it or what? Like a breathalyzer or thc-a-lyzer
  4. No. If you get pulled over the only way a cop will know you're high is if you tell him. Sure, he may KNOW but he can't really prove it.
  5. Dude fuck it, yolo
  6. Lol ok thanks. And bc thc sticks to fatty stuff does that mean fat ppl get a better high or a longer one
  7. [quote name='"Yolo1"']Lol ok thanks. And bc thc sticks to fatty stuff does that mean fat ppl get a better high or a longer one[/quote]

    It just means it stays detectable longer

  8. No after it metabolizes it is stored in fat cells. For weeks sometimes months at a time depending on how often you use cannabis.
  9. As long as their is no road side test they can doo

  10. They could do the backwards ABCs test. Although my uncle memorized the ABCs backwards back in the day because that was the way they tested him.

    I couldn't even do it sober :/
  11. Man I can't say it back words!!! But like the police can't give u blood test can they? If you don't give them your consent?

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