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How long does THC stay in your system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by TreeHuggerJoe, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. I was wondering how long THC lasts in your body, i've heard some people say 2 weeks all they way to 2 months, so i'm not quite sure. Also if anybody knows how long salvia and nicotine stay in your system that would be very helpful.
  2. It all depends on your lifestyle, your weight, your metabolism, and much more.
  3. if your a skinny guy and you drink alot of water, 1-2 weeks. THC stores in fat so, bigger you are, the longer it stays.
  4. anywhere from 2days up to 45 in extreme cases. averaging around two to three weeks
  5. I just recently passed a home test without any detox or anything in two weeks, but yeah it varies.
  6. your all pretty much wrong not trying to be mean but 1 month at the most...i was reading a book on cannabis and 1 month is the longest it stays...
  7. no. we are not wrong. it ALL depends on your body type.
  8. Ya and what book exactly was this??? Ha but ya it depends on your body type mostly, then your lifestyle. If you are very active and drink a lot of liquids, it can be less than 2 weeks, but the more docile you are, the longer it sticks around.
  9. For the average person it takes about a month. There are lots of variables that can alter the duration it will stay in you (as people above me posted). You can also buy products that can decrease the time THC stays in your system. I know there is a product that claims to get rid of it in an hour, but I strongly doubt it (although I have never tested).
  10. I also wanted to tell you something I read as well, I dont think any of those sites supply this info, Im too lazy to check :rolleyes: but... Chronic users rid of thc in their system in the shortest period of time than someone who doesnt smoke as much. I mean, that is what Ive heard. It could/couldnt be true, doesnt sound like it, but I would just be careful what you are looking for because sometimes you will get the wrong answers you are looking for. But, It all depends on your metabolism, weight, consuming of liquids/solids, and pretty much your lifestyle, which is what the first guy said, but good luck you you in finding the right info.

  11. "anywhere from 2days up to 45 in extreme cases. averaging around two to three weeks"

    remind me again how im wrong? and although u may have "read a book" i know people who have taken tests as soon as 2 days after (intense system cleaning and excercise) and have passed and people who stoped for over a month and failed. so you know whay u can do with that book of yours:devious:
  12. THC stays in your system for 2 weeks sometimes,
    it all matteres on your build and your lifestyle and how much body fat you are carrying.

    Next time you want to lose 50 pounds..and this is getting off topic here but I feel it's necessary to express this...Go to the hardware store and pick up a bag of playground sand. That one bag is 50 pounds. It feels like 100 though...it's heavy as shit. Just imagine...THAT is what your body is carrying around. So, if you're 50 lbs overweight...you're carrying around a bag of sand that you don't need.

    And with that being said, I'm going to bake out and run on the treadmil! :wave:
  13. Great, this is much more helpful than any other site i've found. If anybody knows how long nicotine and Salvinorin A stay in your body that would be a great help too.
  14. "If you're only an occasional smoker (someone who smokes 10 cigarettes or less per day), it will most likely take only a few days for the nicotine to leave your body. However, for a heavy smoker (a pack a day or more), traces of nicotine can remain in the bloodstream for as long as 30 days after smoking--and that's if the person stops smoking altogether!" - eHow | How To Do Just About Everything! | How To Videos & Articles

    And for salvia, there is no known time frame that this will stay in your system for, due to its low usage in the world.
  15. Hey Just wanted you all to know, I failed two drug tests (urine tests) today after not smoking for 3 months. I hear its pretty rare to fail one after a period of more then one month, but I assure you it's definitely possible. I should also mention that before I quit I was a extremely heavy user (smoking every hour of the day about), which plays a lot into why I failed twice after 3 months. I'm 6'1 and 150lbs, if anything I'm under weight so I didn't exactly have a lot of fat for the THC to connect to in my system. I do believe in most cases 1 month should be enough time for someone to pass a drug test (assuming its a urine test of course), but like I said there is a chance you'll become unlucky like myself.
  16. Too fuckin long
    Jk man, I'd say anywhere between a few days to a few weeks.
  18. Well if you want to pass a lab test and you're kinda in the middle as far as weight then wait like 2-3 weeks if you smoke a decent amount if you want to pass a dip test where the dip those sticks in your pee and you dont smoke for a week then your good

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