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How long does THC stay in your system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by token-Slex, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Like, how long would THC be detected in a urine test? I've googled this quite a bit and have always gotten mixed messages. Some say only about a week, while others claim up to 30 days. I've also heard that the more frequently you smoke, the longer the THC stays in your system. My friends and I smoke, on average, about once a month starting back in November 2013 (we all had smoked before then, but that was when we became regular) and the last time we did was for my birthday party, back on February 13th. With that being said, how long should THC be in my system?

  2. IF you only smoke around once a month and your last time was like 10 days ago, I would imagine you would pass a piss test easily as long as you aren't some fat slob (THC is stored in fat cells).
  3. THC is gone in a matter of hours. The metabolites of it, which urine tests are looking for, can be present anywhere from a day or two, up to three months, depending on your body size and composition and how much you smoke.
    If you only smoke once a month, you should have no worries about being clean now.
  4. One week IF you drink gallons and gallons of water, piss as much as you can, and excessive and sweat

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    I had a pretty good post that explains the time frame pretty well, will have to write it up and so i can copy-paste it whenever I see a thread like this. Basically the short part...
    Average male weight: 152
    Average body fat: ~21%
    1 pound of fat: 3500 calories
    Lose a pound of fat per week: negative caloric intake of ~500 daily (equates to 3500 calories a week/1lb fat).
    21% of 152 is 32 pounds of fat. Of course THC isn't stored in one central location, it's literally in all 32 pounds of fat (trace amount and thc metabolites).
    Let's low ball it and say 1.5 lbs of fat has every last DROP of thc stored in it.
    5250 calories to burn 1.5 pounds of fat.
    How long would that take you then to be clean?
    10.5 days!
    Bump that up to 3 pounds=3 weeks/21 days!
    Again this is very basic math but these estimates are theoretical in nature and shouldn't be taken as fact.
    This doesn't take into account your personal height, weight, body fat %, activity level, diet, metabolism, fluid intake, prior use, etc.
    No one can give you a correct answer, my time frames are estimates and most hardcore stoners will tell you it takes a few weeks to get out which corresponds with my above numbers.
    Hope this helps bro :smoke:
  6. For urine tests, a month usually

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